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Welcome to E-news -
27 August 2010

IBA Annual Conference, Vancouver 2010
Key registration deadlines approach


With more than 4,000 legal and business professionals (and counting) from over 100 jurisdictions currently due to attend this year's IBA Annual Conference in Vancouver from 3–8 October, attendees will once again enjoy unparalleled opportunities for international networking and personal development.

Bob Woodward, the foremost journalist of his generation, will deliver the keynote speech at this year’s opening ceremony whilst The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, has been invited to formally open the conference.

If you have not yet registered to attend the conference, and wish to do so, you should take note of the impending deadlines.


Vancouver Conference mobile delegate search application

In a bid to improve user experience at the Annual Conference, the IBA has this year replaced the printed list of participants with a live delegate search application. This can be accessed from any internet enabled device, either over wifi, broadband internet or any 3G network. It means that anybody with a BlackBerry, iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile handheld device will have access. The delegate search application gives registered delegates the ability to search through an up-to-date directory of delegates, view their contact information, discover the location and times of speakers’ sessions and send personal messages to one another, enhancing the networking opportunities available at the conference.

IBA Corporate and M&A Law Committee launches Squeeze-Out Guide

The IBA Corporate and M&A Law Committee has prepared a Squeeze-Out Guide which covers more than 45 countries around the world. The material is intended as a high-level, practical guide for practitioners, young lawyers and others who are looking for an introduction to the laws of each relevant jurisdiction relating to squeeze-out.

The editor, Sergio Sánchez Solé, would like to thank all the authors who have contributed their time and expertise in compiling the Guide. The Committee would welcome additional material for countries not yet included. If you would like to contribute, please contact Sergio at sergio.sanchez.sole@garrigues.com. Authors of each chapter in the Guide are clearly indicated on the title page, and they may be contacted with questions or suggestions.

  • Each chapter of the Guide is now available to download from the IBA Corporate and M&A Law Committee's Squeeze-Out Guide web page.

IBA Anti-Money Laundering Forum website expands its worldwide coverage

This year, the IBA Anti-Money Laundering Legislation Implementation Working Group, with the assistance of the IBA Legal Projects Team and national contributors, has updated the country-profiles of 27 jurisdictions on the IBA’s Anti-Money Laundering Forum website. Click below to learn how these legislative changes impact the legal profession and how you can join this community.


IBA Arbitration Committee
Counsel Ethics in International Arbitration Survey

In 2008, the IBA Arbitration Committee formed a Task Force on Counsel Ethics in International Arbitration to investigate the different and often contrasting ethical and cultural norms, standards and disciplinary rules that may apply to counsel in international arbitrations. As part of the Task Force's information-gathering mission, it has prepared a survey to solicit the input and experiences of international arbitration practitioners. The deadline for receiving answers to the survey is Wednesday 15 September 2010.

  • Click here to access the survey.
  • If you have any questions relating to the survey, please contact Osma Rajah, Secretary to the Task Force at orajah@gibsondunn.com.

IBAHRI begins capacity-building programme with the Lubumbashi Bar

Lubumbashi Bar - exteriorThe IBAHRI has begun the implementation of a capacity-building programme with the Lubumbashi Bar in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The IBAHRI has recruited a legal specialist who will spend eight months working with the Lubumbashi Bar to strengthen their continuing legal education programme. The legal specialist, Hubert Nzakimuena, is a Belgian lawyer and member of the Brussels Bar who started work with the Lubumbashi Bar on 19 July 2010. This project is supported by a grant from the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) and stems from the recommendations made in the report entitled Rebuilding courts and trust: an assessment of the needs of the justice system in the Democratic Republic of Congo, published by the IBAHRI and the International Legal Assistance Consortium (ILAC) in August 2009.

Lubumbashi Bar - delegatesThe President of the Bar, John Kalala Kabamba, is looking forward to working with Mr Nzakimuena and the IBAHRI on this programme. Continuing legal education is a priority for the Lubumbashi Bar and Mr Nzakimuena’s work will contribute to the establishment of a strong programme, which will meet the needs of lawyers in Lubumbashi and the Katanga province. The legal specialist will also organise four workshops dealing with legal aid, transparency and accountability, business and human rights and international criminal law.

IBAHRI/Innovare Prize for improving access to justice in pre-trial detention

The IBAHRI is pleased to announce that the inaugural IBAHRI/Innovare prize for improving access to justice in pre-trial detention received 34 applications from lawyers, public defenders, prosecutors and judges from all over Brazil.

The Instituto Innovare is a Brazilian non-profit organisation that aims to encourage the improvement of the Brazilian justice system through the annual award of the prestigious Innovare prize. The IBAHRI and Innovare have joined forces to award a prize to the judge, public prosecutor, lawyer or public defender whose practice or programme has in the view of the jurors made the most significant and innovative contribution to improving access to justice in pre-trial detention in Brazil.

The winner will be chosen in November and announced in Brasilia at the Innovare Awards ceremony in December. As part of the prize, the IBAHRI will offer him or her a placement in South Africa and Mozambique to visit organisations that work on access to justice projects, through the Southern Africa Litigation Centre. The placement aims to develop links and the exchange of experience between Brazilian and Southern African lawyers working in the human rights field. This prize has been made possible through a grant from the IBAHRI Charitable Trust.

IBA Legal Practice Division awards scholarships to attend IBA Annual Conference in Vancouver

Writing imageThis year the sections and committees of the IBA Legal Practice Division have awarded scholarships to 16 young lawyers to attend the IBA Annual Conference in Vancouver, Canada.

The scholarship award includes free registration and a contribution towards travel and accommodation costs while attending the conference. Scholars will also be awarded two years’ free membership of the IBA and a free registration to either the next IBA Annual Conference or a specialist conference of one of the committees within the awarding section in 2011.


IBA Model Mining Development Agreement Project: Consultations set to steer Mining Law Committee’s vision and effort in achieving its goal

Peter Leon, Chair of the IBA Mining Law Committee, highlights the imperative need and objective of the Model Mining Development Agreement (MMDA) project by providing an update on the recent and forthcoming international consultations that mark the progress of this global initiative.

Full details of the MMDA project are available on the committee webpage.


IBA conference scholarships

Scholarship to attend the IBA 2nd Asia Pacific Regional Forum Conference

The Asia Pacific Regional Forum is delighted to announce that it will be awarding two scholarships to two young lawyers who wish to participate in the IBA 2nd Asia Pacific Regional Forum Conference, but may have financial difficulties in doing so.

The scholarship award includes:

  • free registration for the IBA 2nd Asia Pacific Regional Forum Conference, 17-19 November 2010, Tokyo, Japan;
  • a contribution towards travel and accommodation costs to the conference; and
  • a ticket to the evening dinner on Thursday 18 November.

Applications must be submitted by Friday 17 September 2010. Appli-cations received after this date will not be considered.

For further information please download the Scholarship Application Form here.

Scholarship to attend the IBA 4th Law Firm Management Conference

The European Regional Forum will also be awarding a scholarship to a young lawyer, practicing in a European country, who wishes to participate in the IBA 4th Law Firm Management Conference, but may have financial difficulties in doing so.

This scholarship award includes:

  • free registration for the IBA 4th Law Firm Management Conference, 25-26 November 2010, Moscow, Russian Federation;
  • a contribution towards travel and accommodation costs to the conference; and
  • a ticket to the evening dinner on Thursday 25 November.

The deadline for applications is Tuesday 21 September 2010. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

For further information, please download the Scholarship Application Form here.

Kosovo and international law

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) recently provided an advisory opinion in relation to Kosovo’s 2008 unilateral declaration of independence from Serbia. The ICJ judges said the ruling narrowly applied to Kosovo with the Court president, Hisashi Owada, saying that international law contains ‘no prohibition on declarations of independence.’ The decision was eagerly awaited by some in the international community who may have secessionist aspirations.

In March 2009 the IBA debated the inclusion of the Kosovo Chamber of Advocates (KCA) as an IBA member organisation. The KCA’s application was overwhelmingly supported by the IBA and membership was granted.

The IBA recognises that this remains a sensitive issue and when asked by international news organisations including CNN, Reuters and Christian Science Monitor to provide comment, IBA Executive Director, Dr Mark Ellis, said, ‘By saying that Kosovo did not violate the privilege of "territorial integrity", the court creates a more vexing challenge for international law, affecting future decisions involving non-state actors living within states.’ However, Dr Ellis adds that, ‘The advisory opinion of the ICJ was absolutely correct, and I fully concur with it.’

IBA membership

New Member Newsletter September 2010Help us increase our network. If you know of anyone who would benefit from membership of the IBA please download our New Member Newsletter and e-mail them a copy. As a part of the membership benefits, it should be noted that the majority of our conferences have both a member and non-member fee. If your colleague wishes to attend a conference they can save money by signing up and then getting the discounted fee.

If you have yet to renew for 2010, we urge you to do so. The current uncertain economic situation has underlined the need for a global perspective. The IBA recognises this need and our numerous publications, networking opportunities and comprehensive set of specialist conferences are designed to support our position as the global voice of the legal profession. You can alter and pay your current membership invoice in the ‘My IBA’ section of our website.

Please feel free to use this opportunity to give us feedback by sending us your thoughts to member@int-bar.org.