Workshops on anti-corruption for legal professionals in Asia

Successful workshops on anti-corruption for legal professionals in Asia

Anti-Corruption article (Asia), E-news 27 June 2011As part of the Anti-Corruption Strategy for the Legal Profession, a joint project between the IBA, the OECD and the UNODC, anti-corruption training programmes for law firms in Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan were held throughout May and June. Specifically tailored to raising awareness of risks and threats of corruption to the legal profession and to how improve anti-corruption compliance in the legal sector, the programmes were highly successful with over 90 law firms in total participating.

Participants benefited from the expensive experience of leading international speakers on anti-corruption, including presenters from the OECD Secretariat, Mayer Brown LLP, KPMG LLP, BuckleySandler LLP, the UNODC as well as a number of national experts in each jurisdiction. Each training program held sessions on the global legal framework of international corruption; the role of lawyers as intermediaries and methods and policies for preventing corruption. These were complemented by a sector-specific workshop. Participants included senior practitioners of top law firms that are regularly involved in high-value transactions as well as senior representatives from bar associations and local law schools.

The training sessions aim to generate awareness of international corruption by discussing the complexities of the schemes lawyers and law firms can inadvertently become involved in, and the domestic and international sanctions for engaging in corruption. In an increasingly globalised international community, the IBA is strongly of the view that lawyers need to be aware of the risks and their duties and obligations under anti-corruption laws more than ever.

The workshops were organised with the local support of Tekad Indonesia, the Malaysian Bar Council, the Korean Bar Association and the Japan Federation of Bar Associations.

In addition to the training programs, a roundtable was held for bar leaders in Japan on 6 June. Hosted by the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, the local speakers took the opportunity to present anti-corruption programs in their country and collectively discuss with their foreign peers improvements and new opportunities for their projects.

In continuing with its global anti-corruption training, the IBA will next conduct trainings in Sao Paulo (Brazil) on 27 September and Caracas (Venezuela) on 29 September.

If you are interested in participating in this major global initiative, please contact Gonzalo Guzman, Senior Staff Lawyer, IBA Legal Projects Team, at

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