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Intern Alumni

Since 2001, the IBA Intern Programme has welcomed undergraduates, post-graduates, law students and newly qualified lawyers to the IBA's London office. They generally work with the IBA for three months, developing academic papers and research topics of both local and international relevance. We have a total of 10 interns per quarter assisting the IBA Human Rights Institute, the Legal Policy and Research Unit, the Executive Director and the HRI Communications team.

Interns hail from all over the world and go on to work in all aspects of the law and beyond. The intern team is made up of dynamic, hardworking and diverse individuals who develop a strong bond with each other.

The Internship Alumni programme has been set up to help keep past interns in touch with each other and to ensure that those who have made such an important contribution to the IBA remain involved with the Association. Our view is that every intern is a future member of the IBA.

Intern testimonials

Julia Kuegerl
IBA LPRU Legal Intern, July-August 2018

"This programme has been invaluable to my professional legal career. I had the opportunity to focus on topical issues affecting the legal profession that had always interested me at law school, including areas such as human rights, whistleblower protection, blockchain and women in commercial legal practice. In doing so, I have honed a certain skill set needed to work in the legal profession, including practical, research and soft skills, but have also had the opportunity to work in an inspiring, supportive environment with a team that is very passionate about these subjects."

Sadia Tuli,
IBA LPRU Legal Intern, April-June 2018

"As a legal intern at the IBA LPRU, I was involved in almost all projects and learned much about policy and some of the most discussed legal issues. Moreover, it was a pleasure working with the LPRU staff and I enjoyed my time in the office. It was meaningful experience I would highly recommend to any law graduate."

Katie Haywood,
IBA HRI Legal Intern, April-June 2018

"My internship with the IBAHRI has been a fantastic experience. I have developed my knowledge and skills in international law and human rights law whilst pursuing areas of law I am passionate about. I am proud to have worked for an organisation which is so greatly respected and has the power to make a real difference in the world. I am very thankful for the experience and encourage anyone looking to develop their legal career to consider an internship at the IBA."

Jennifer Kim,
IBA HRI Communications Intern, April-June 2018

"The IBA internship is a fantastic opportunity that exposes you to a myriad of human rights issues and encourages you to invest yourself in solving them. I feel that my understanding of the importance of protecting the independence of the legal profession and human rights increased exponentially in both depth and breadth after working here. As a Communications intern, I also had the opportunity to understand how visibility of issues and of the steps being taken to help relieve those issues is hugely important to the realm of human rights. Engagement on difficult issues is central to resolution and healing, and the IBAHRI is an organisation and platform that seeks to maximize such engagement. I have been honoured to work at the IBAHRI."

Aqsa Hussain,
IBA LPRU Legal Intern, Part-time April-June 2018

"This is one of the most well-organised internships you can come across! Really enjoyed being able to engage in various projects from judicial integrity, to sexual harassment, to whistleblowing. Your work always contributes to something bigger and so it is an inspiring environment to work in for anyone interested in engaging with pertinent international legal issues."

Megan Millar,
IBA HRI Legal Intern, April-June 2018

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time working as a legal intern for the International Bar Association's Human Rights Institute. The internship gave me the opportunity to work across a broad range of human rights topics and global regions, allowing me to deepen my knowledge and practical experience. I was part of a diverse team of interns and working alongside them every day was the highlight of the experience for me.”"

Pauline Forje,
IBA LPRU Legal Intern, April-June 2018

"The IBA internship paved the way for professional opportunities in the UK and abroad. It also reinforced my future career aspirations to which I am very grateful."

Eilidh Turnbull,
IBA HRI Legal Intern, April-June 2018

"Working at the IBA has given me and opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge at a high level."

Alex Doust,
LPRU Intern, January – March 2018

"I have really enjoyed interning for the LPRU. I furthered my knowledge in different areas of law across a range of jurisdictions because I was involved in a variety of projects, such as Cybersecurity, Government Access to Data, and the Judicial Integrity Initiative. I gained a broader perspective on important issues currently affecting the global legal community and enjoyed contributing to work which will eventually be published. Building solid relationships with the LPRU team, fellow interns and other colleagues, and learning about their work experience and lives was also a major highlight. Both the professional and social advantages of the internship will greatly assist me in my career as a corporate lawyer."

Lucia Zoboli,
LPRU Intern, January – March 2018

"The internship at the IBA was extremely rewarding. The opportunity to work together with people from so many international backgrounds while gaining knowledge on various areas of the law was outstanding. I would definitely recommend the internship to anyone wanting to take a step forward in his or her legal careers."

HRI Communications Intern,
January – March 2018

"The International Bar Association is an incredibly welcoming working environment. As an intern, you feel like one of the team and you receive the guidance that any intern needs to enhance their skills. It truly is a learning experience."

Andrea Hansen,
HRI Legal Intern, January – March 2018

"Experience with international law can be hard to come by. I chose the IBA because of their focus on international law and they provided me with the experience in this field that I was looking for."

HRI Legal Intern,
January – March 2018

"My work at the IBA has encouraged me to keep writing academic reports on human rights, transitional justice and other topics of interest. "

Alix Friedman,
LPRU Intern, October – December 2017

"I had a very positive experience during my three month internship at the IBA. I enjoyed working closely with the LPRU team on a diverse range of interesting legal projects, including the Whistleblowing, Women Business Lawyers and Anti-Corruption reports. It was also so nice to get to know the interns who were from all over the world and to learn about their interesting lives. I have gained invaluable knowledge into a variety of contemporary global legal issues, which I know will equip me well in my career as a corporate lawyer in Australia."

Andreas Sherborne,
LPRU Intern, October – December 2017

"Working with the LPRU was a great experience. I was able to engage in a variety of contemporary legal projects, including whistleblowing, judicial corruption, and blockchain technology. The LPRU is a close-knit and efficient team who supported my professional development. I am confident the knowledge and skills I acquired will assist me as I begin my career in corporate legal practice."

Liemertje Sieders,
HRI Intern, October 2015 – January 2016

"The IBAHRI was a great first step into the professional world of human rights advocacy. Its staff is incredibly diverse and experienced, as well as passionate about the work they do. As an intern, you work on issues that are topical and engaging, and your research is actually used by the lawyers in assessing their course of action, in deepening their background knowledge and in clarifying ambiguous issues. Finally, the other interns you work with are invariably from different cultural and educational backgrounds but share your passion for human rights, allowing you to grow and gain from each other's knowledge, and also to become close friends."

Christian Decle,
LPRU Intern, May – July 2016

"This has been an informative and educational experience for me, and certainly one I would recommend to any aspiring lawyer or legal professional. The types and variety of projects the interns get involved with are issue-based and relevant to anyone entering or about to enter the world of law, and as such it is a rare opportunity to connect with a strata of legal professionals, involved in a range of activities from research and project development to distribution and publishing."

Carmen Sinclair,
HRI Intern, January – April 2016

"Interning at the IBAHRI provided me with the chance to develop my legal knowledge and awareness of global human rights issues in a welcoming environment. The programme lawyers are always happy to lend you their time and provide career advice. I would recommend this internship to anyone with an interest in international human rights law. It was extremely worthwhile and has helped me to secure a job upon completion of the internship."

Andrada Florea,
Executive Director’s Intern, October – December 2015

"Extremely enriching experience, both academically and professionally. A definite career catalyst!"

Andrada Florea,
Executive Director’s Intern, October – December 2015:

Report on work undertaken at IBA

Internship Report
Camila Dupret Torres (18 April - 29 June 2018)

My internship within the Human Rights Institute of the IBA lasted eleven weeks, during which I had the opportunity to engage in several challenging projects regarding different issues across the world.

I had the chance to work together with another intern on a project of amicus curiae, mainly focusing on how rape should be considered as torture in certain circumstances. It required an interesting research on the elements of torture in international humanitarian law, international criminal law and international human rights law, as well as on the application of universal jurisdiction by the law of the country concerned in the case.

I also was asked to conduct a background research on Mozambique, mainly focused on extractive industries. It implied describing several legal regimes (international treaty law, domestic land law and mining law), the main human rights abuses reported to be caused by mining and the recommendations issued by international human rights bodies.

My ability to speak Spanish brought me to contribute to Veronica’s work on transitional justice, and specifically on the duty of memory. This concept is still unclear under international law, therefore the purpose was to develop its main components and illustrate them, in the form of a database that will be dissimilated among international bodies.

Also in the context of South America, I had the responsibility of reporting the main news related to torture, extrajudicial killings, prisons, economic and social rights, transitional justice, LGBT rights, in countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Mexico. This required interesting daily research and translation, that allowed me to conclude the internship with a short paper on the challenges that the recent or upcoming presidential elections in South America represent for human rights.

I would therefore like to thank the IBAHRI Trust for funding part of my experience at the Human Rights Institute; it mainly allowed me to pay for accommodation and transports. Building experience in the field of human rights is not easy. Therefore programs like the Human Rights Institute’s legal internship, that offers some financial assistance to young professionals, are a valuable opportunity to start working in that area of law. Without the help of the IBAHRI Trust it would not have been possible to get that enriching experience.