Country visits

The IBAHRI's rapid response mechanism allows us to react quickly to sudden events in countries, which may threaten human rights, the rule of law or independence of the judiciary. In other cases the IBAHRI undertakes fact finding missions or scoping missions, sending high level delegates in country to determine areas with which the IBAHRI can assist the local or national bar association or provide other forms of support.

Mission reports

Mission reports, detailing the findings of these visits are disseminated widely to UN bodies, international governmental and non-governmental bodies, legal organisations and other stakeholders, and receive coverage in both national and international media. The findings of the missions help to direct the long term work of the IBAHRI, through the development of new projects and initiatives. View country reports

IBAHRI International Fact-finding Guidelines

The IBAHRI guidelines, in conjunction with the Raoul Wallenberg Institute, are the result of several years’ work and wide consultation. They arose out of concern that, despite there being no agreed international standards for human rights fact-finding reporting, such reports are frequently referred to by courts and tribunals as evidence of the facts alleged in them, as well as by governments, NGOs and other interested people. The guidelines aim to fill this gap by setting an agreed international standard of good practice in the conduct of fact-finding visits and in the compilation of reports. Read more


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