IBAHRI Task Force on Illicit Financial Flows, Poverty and Human Rights

Tax Abuses, Poverty and Human Rights

This new report addresses global taxation from the novel perspective of human rights law and policy. Based on extensive consultation from diverse perspectives, the expert Task Force offers unique insight into the links between tax abuses, poverty and human rights. This report analyses the responsibilities and remedies to counter tax abuse and delivers recommendations for states, businesses and the legal profession.

The report is available to download here.

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About the Task Force

The IBAHRI convened a task force on illicit financial flows, poverty and human rights to analyse how illicit financial flows, and specifically the proceeds of tax evasion, impact on poverty and subsequently affect the enforcement of economic-socio and cultural rights. The Task Force report aims to initiate public dicussion among relevant stakeholders on the key issues relating to tax abuses, poverty and human rights. The report delivers recommendations to states, businesses and the legal profession. 

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Task Force Members

The Task Force was chaired by Thomas Pogge, Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs at Yale University, USA. The Task Force comprises: Stephen Cohen, Lloyd Lipsett (Task Force Rapporteur) Sternford Moyo, Robin Palmer, Shirely Pouget (Task Force Facilitator), and Celia Wells.

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In this short film, Thomas Pogge speaks about the IBAHRI project, at the first plennary meeting of the Task Force, London, March 2012. Short introductory interviews with all Task Force members are available to watch via the website.

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