Investment Funds Overview


The Investment Funds Committee provides a convenient forum for its members to consider current developments in the global investment funds industry, including both regulatory and product development. It also produces newsletters and occasional e-bulletins for its members. In addition to its programmes at the annual IBA conferences, the committee presents an annual conference on Globalisation of Investment Funds normally held in June, which celebrated its 24th successful year in 2013. The event attracts delegates from approximately 30 countries, and features presentations by senior regulators from around the world, senior executives of top fund managers and other fund service providers as well as from leading practitioners in the field.

Private Investment Funds Subcommittee

The committee also has established a Private Investment Funds Subcommittee. The subcommittee focuses on specialised collective investment vehicles such as private equity, real estate, hedge, leverage buy-out and commodity funds. In addition to its programme at the annual IBA conferences, the subcommittee annually presents the Private Investment Funds Conference normally held in London each March. This conference is co-sponsored by the Private Funds Committee of the American Bar Association and held its 14th successful event in 2012.

Additionally, the Investment Funds Committee works with the following committees to form the Financial Services Section: