Technology Law Overview


The Technology Law Committee of the International Bar Association brings together lawyers practising aspects of the law particularly relevant to modern technologies. They have in common that they deal with developing bodies of law coming to grips with the new questions posed by new technologies. The mandate of the Technology Law Committee is broad and includes virtually any kind of technology.

At present, we have seven subcommittees with the following areas of focus:

  • The focus of the Outsourcing and Shared Services Subcommittee is on outsourcing service and supply agreements in all their aspects.
  • The Internet Business Subcommittee focuses broadly on e-commerce and other internet issues. 
  • The User Generated Content Subcommittee focuses on the user generated content issues that are challenging the internet and entertainment industries.
  • The Intrusive Technologies Subcommittee focuses on technologies that may threaten the privacy and security of individuals, ranging from satellite surveillance to smart cards.
  • The Corporate Information Governance Subcommittee focuses on issues relating to processing and protecting corporate information.
  • The focus of the Disputes and Rights Subcommittee is in procedures relating to disputes involving intellectual property rights, information technology and communications whether by litigation, arbitration or other means of dispute resolution.
  • The focus of the Life Sciences Subcommittee is in life sciences and medical technologies

Additionally, the Technology Law Committee works with the following committees to form the Intellectual Property, Communications and Technology Section: