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Cybersecurity - a guide to the law by jurisdiction (2018)

We are pleased to present the second in our series of projects seeking comments from our members on a hot technology topic and the differing approaches to it from around the globe - a summary of cybersecurity laws by jurisdiction, covering aspects including data protection, extraterritorial effect and regulation.
Software audits project (2017)

The committee has published a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction report on the law relating to software audits. The project covers consequences of insufficient licences, statutory rights to conduct audits, limitations of audit clauses, works council co-determination rights, and data protection implications.
Me, myself and i - the legal implications of personal data and digital identity - Rebecca Lowe

The European Commissioner for Justice says personal data is ‘the currency of the digital economy’, with estimates suggesting that, by 2020, it will account for eight per cent of the EU-27 GDP – currently €13tn. IBA Global Insight examines the legal implications of this brave new world where few have control of their digital identity.
Technology IPOs and class actions - end of a class act? - Arthur Piper

Facebook’s IPO faltered last year, sparking talk of the dotcom booms and busts, and another big class action payout for disgruntled investors. But IBA Global Insight finds this hitherto lucrative area of litigation in decline.