Export Controls, Sanctions and Anti-Corruption Subcommittee

The Export Controls, Sanctions and Anti-Corruption Subcommittee seeks to analyse international and national regimes (e.g. the Wassenaar Arrangement), that control the conditions under which certain information, technologies, software and commodities can be exported to anyone located in a third country,  including citizens of the regulating country, or to foreign nationals located in that country’s territory. It also seeks to provide answers to regulations which introduce restrictions on export activities due to certain potential sensitive end uses (e.g. military). 

The Subcommittee also analyses and discusses the imposition of Economic Sanctions, such as stoppage of trade and financial transactions, imposed upon a country to force compliance with another country's regulations, the UN's or WTO's demands.

Further, the Subcommittee discusses regulations which impose criminal sanctions on individuals or corporations if these give, pay or promise “anything of value” in order to influence an act or a decision; obtain or retain, direct business; or secure an improper advantage of any kind, with special emphasis on furthering the Rule of Law.