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Real estate in a nutshell

We are pleased to announce that the committee has launched its 'Real estate in a nutshell' project. Through this project, we intend to draw on the expertise of committee officers and members, in order to compile data from various jurisdictions concerning cross-border real estate investments.

'Ownership/restrictions on ownership by non-residents' (Oct 2008)

The first part of this project, entitled 'Ownership/restrictions on ownership by non-residents', has now been compiled with the invaluable assistance of members in more than 30 countries. Each country report tackles the same set of questions relating to the issues surrounding ownership by non-residents. View the country reports for 'Ownership/restrictions on ownership by non-residents'.

I had the privilege of being appointed a Task Force leader in this project. From the outset, the committee received a number of e-mails from members expressing their interest. After the invitation for participation was distributed via the committee’s listserv we experienced a tremendous response from members. This proves that the strategy of the committee coupled with the efforts of the officers involved is a successful one, and that there is a great interest for further active participation in the future, which the committee will pursue.

Many thanks to all contributors.

Boris Babic
Special Projects Officer, Real Estate Committee;
Babic & Partners, Zagreb

View the country reports for 'Ownership/restrictions on ownership by non-residents'.