International Construction Projects Subcommittees

Subcommittees of the International Construction Projects Committee

The following three subcommittees are part of the International Construction Projects Committee:

The Dispute Resolution Subcommittee focuses on the mechanisms to prevent and resolve disputes arising in connection with international construction projects. Specifically, the group draws from the experience of their distinguished members from many jurisdictions around the world to learn what is working and what is not in preventing and solving disputes.

The Project Establishment Subcommittee focuses on the period prior to contract closing. The Subcommittee reviews the contract forms used by engineers, architects, owners and contractors within different jurisdictions, focusing mainly on the various FIDIC forms as being an international standard form.

Different contractual concepts/schemes, such as PPP, also fall within their scope of work, as do the regulatory aspects of construction (building regulations, etc), public procurement rules and issues of bribery as they relate to construction contracting.

The Project Execution Subcommittee focuses on the performance, administration, payment, scheduling (programming), and completion of a construction project, in particular as impacted by variations (changes), delays, disruption, suspension, force majeure, acceleration, laws, regulations, exchange rates, and sovereign acts.

Tasks of the Subcommittees

The Subcommittees are encouraged to adopt some or all of the following tasks:

  • Monitoring ongoing developments and activities within the respective field of the Subcommittee
  • Organising discussions relating to such activities for the relevant group of the Subcommittee eg as a 'think tank'
  • Communicating to members of the Committee the highlights of the information received and the conclusions of the discussions 
  • Being available for enquiries from members 
  • Taking charge of the Committee's Long Term Projects 
  • Taking charge of or assisting with the organisation of Committee Conferences 
  • Standard Forms