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Canadian approach to liability for foreign subsidiaries
By Stephanie Stimpson, Brandon Schur and Julie Ward
Litigation has increased against resource extraction companies in Canada. Canada has taken steps to promote CSR by creating the new Canadian Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise, a role intended to assist in dispute resolution and which will have investigative powers and the ability to recommend sanctions against companies.
Division of jurisdiction in the transportation of natural gas in Brazil
By Ana Karina Esteves de Souza, Daniel Szyfman and Raphael Barboza Correia
This article aims to analyse fundamental aspects of the Brazilian natural gas market, focusing on the division of the regulatory framework between state and federal competences, discussions regarding jurisdictional manner and barriers imposed by it to gas infrastructure projects.
Mexico’s energy industry reform movement: is it sustainable?
James W Skelton, Jr
In 2014, Mexico’s Constitution was amended to allow private investment in the energy industry. The government hoped to attract foreign and domestic investment to upgrade the industry and improve the economy. The auction process for available acreage has improved, but it is unclear whether the president-elect will roll back the reforms.
Nationalising oil fields: possible steps and legal consequences in Brazil
By Rafael Baptista Baleroni and Francisco de Andrade Figueira
Talk of nationalising oilfields will always concern investors. Should an elected government try to implement such policies, it would need congressional support, and investors would be able to seek court measures to halt such measures. Arbitration would also be an avenue, especially to discuss indemnification.
Nigeria’s oil industry transition: some governance considerations
By Adefolake Adewusi
In July 2017, Nigeria itemised its intention to transition from unincorporated to incorporated joint venture arrangements. From a corporate governance perspective, this article pre-empts and addresses any concerns that may arise from transitioning.
Ukraine: recent developments in the midstream gas sector
By Vitaliy Radchenko, Anatolii Doludenko and Maryna Ilchuk
The Ukrainian midstream gas sector is continuing its development. Implementation of the daily balancing is underway and gas storage tariffs have been changed to make them more flexible.
Canada completes first reporting cycle under new ‘publish what you pay’ rules - September 2017

By Stephanie Stimpson and Brandon Schur. Committee members click here to login and download.
The impact of US sanctions on European pipeline projects - September 2017

By Philip Graff. Committee members click here to login and download.
Recent changes in regulation of royalties in Brazil: An update on the government takes calculation methodology after 18 years - September 2017

By Raquel Novais, Mario Prada and Carolina Borges de Amorim. Committee members click here to login and download.
Oil and Gas Law Committee Newsletter, June 2017

This issue features a range of articles, from the status of the interaction between the Canadian federal statutes on insolvent debtors and the provincial statutes regulating the oil and gas industry, to the liability of corporations for breaches of human rights, namely an analysis of the recent Urbaser ruling and its implications for corporate liability in the human rights context. Committee members click here to login and download.
Oil and Gas Law Committee Newsletter, September 2016

This issue contains news articles on legal developments around the world, as well as case reports on oil and gas case rulings in recent months. It is timed for release just prior to the Annual Conference, this year taking place in Washington, DC from 18 - 23 September. Committee members click here to login and download.
IBA Oil and Gas Law News, October 2015

Topics covered in this edition of IBA Oil and Gas Law News include: falling oil prices – is it possible to revise the contract price?; Brazil – the oil industry, sustainable development and legal certainty; the dissolution of Indonesia’s oil trading arm; looking towards a new mining code for Senegal; and a review of the UK’s Energy Bill, which, if enacted, will add new provisions to the Petroleum Act 1998 and is key to the future of the UKCS.
Oil and Gas Committee newsletter, September 2014

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Exploration and production in the Arctic region: Greenland’s plentiful resources require special deliberations (Featured Article) 
Philip Graff
Covering more than one-sixth of the earth’s total land mass, the Arctic consists of parts of Canada, Denmark (Greenland), Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Russia and the United States (Alaska). In 1996, these nations formed the Arctic Council as a formalisation of previous cooperation regarding protection of the environment and the indigenous people of the Arctic.
Oil and Gas Committee newsletter, September 2013

Download the Oil and Gas Committee Newsletter, September 2013, featuring articles on... (PDF download, members will need to login using their IBA username and password)