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Recent developments in power legislation in Japan
By Junko Ogushi
This article gives an overview of two important developments in power legislation in Japan relating to offshore wind and solar power.
Trends in the implementation of renewable energies in Colombia
By Gabriela Mancero
This article outlines the potential of Colombia’s Non-Conventional Renewable Energies, explaining the encouraging signs and the multiple challenges.
An overview of the Portuguese e-mobility market
By Manuel Santos Vitor and Catarina Cortez Gamito
The purpose of this article is to provide a general overview of the historical and legal background of the Portuguese e-Mobility market, as well as the current situation of the same.
Energy law – regulation can be lengthy but must allow innovation rather than put up barriers
By Enric Bartlett Castellà
Regulation has to do trade-offs between different competing forces, to achieve the energy trilemma. Regulators have to be cautious of innovations so as not to endanger the grid stability, but giving opportunities to test innovations can drive new business models.
Distributed generation in Brazil – fostering the use of new technologies through regulation
By Alberto Büll and Pedro Schönberger
The use of distributed generation (‘DG’) technologies has soared in Brazil in the last few years. This article argues that fostering and directing the growth of DG has clearly been the objective of Brazil’s power sector regulatory agency, ANEEL, when structuring the regulation of the segment.
Gulf Cooperation Council – power and water trends
By Keith Bullen and Mona Hammadi
Increasing water consumption and the growing number of renewable energy projects has resulted in an increase in standalone desalination projects in the Middle East. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states are the first in the Middle East to see this uptick in standalone water desalination plants.
Infrastructure permitting tug of war between Trump administration and courts
By Amy Antoniolli and Jane Montgomery
Streamlining environmental reviews and permitting for infrastructure projects is a major objective of President Trump but one of the biggest permitting hurdles that can come up is potential impacts to wildlife. This article looks at the new guidance recently released by the Department of Interior.
Ukraine – auction-based tariff system for support of renewables is proposed instead of a fixed deed-in tariff
By Vitaliy Radchenko, Anatolii Doludenko and Maryna Ilchuk
Eight draft laws aimed at the implementation of an auction-based tariff system instead of a fixed feed-in tariff support scheme should be considered by all market players as they provide for new opportunities but also change the rules of the game for renewable energy projects in Ukraine.
Liberalisation of the electricity markets in Spain – a work in progress? - Power Law Committee newsletter article, April 2016

By Enric R Bartlett Castellà. Spain has not achieved yet a competitive market in electricity. Twenty years ago public natural monopolies appeared to be a relic of the past; but today, at least in Spain, it is far from clear that the supposed benefits delivered by market liberalisation are distributed socially.
El Niño phenomenon: is the Colombian electricity sector prepared? - Power Law Committee newsletter article, April 2016

By Gabriela Mancero. The El Niño phenomenon has returned and is as strong as ever. Once again it is undermining the stability of the country’s energy supply. Have lessons been learned from the 1992 crisis?
Awaited amendments in Ukrainian renewable energy legislation - Power Law Committee newsletter article, April 2016

By Ilchuk Maryna. New renewable energy legislation in Ukraine is a positive signal to investors and suggests that the Government has finally found a compromise between the country’s solvency and the reduction of its energy dependency.
Generation deficits and government intervention in the power sector: the GSF issue - Power Law Committee newsletter, April 2016

By Isobel Listosa, Alberto Büll and Sofia Barbosa. Critical problems have plagued Brazil’s power sector since 2012. This article examines the government’s intervention in the sector to address the generation deficit in the country’s hydrothermal power system.
Power Law Committee newsletter, June 2014

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Power Law Committee newsletter, September 2013

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