Anti-Corruption and the Legal Profession

The legal profession clearly is at the forefront of the fight against corruption. Equally, there is evidence to suggest that some members of the legal profession facilitate corrupt conduct. 

The IBA / OECD / UNODC Anti-Corruption Strategy was developed in 2010 (for more details, see here) to inform the legal profession of the international anti-corruption regulatory framework that then was gathering significant momentum politically and in enforcement circles.  This momentum is now more widely recognised and embraced by the legal profession, as can be seen by the number of publications issued by law firm (particularly international ones) informing their clients, among others, of the anti-bribery laws that apply in various jurisdictions.

As the IBA Legal Policy & Research Unit was rolling out the Strategy, it became apparent that many participants in the workshops were interested in other aspects of the anti-corruption agenda.  That is, in some jurisdictions, participants wanted more information on asset recovery while in others, they wanted more information on illicit enrichment. 

After some discussion, both internally and with the IBA’s Anti-Corruption Committee, the IBA’s LPRU proposes to develop an online toolkit designed to make access to such information more readily available.  The LPRU proposes to commence work on this toolkit later this year.

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