Judicial Integrity Initiative Introduction

The IBA Judicial Integrity Initiative (‘JII’) was launched in January 2015 by the IBA President. The JII was conceived to combat judicial corruption by attempting to understand the types of corruption affecting the judicial system. The project also focuses on the role of the various professionals operating within judicial systems.

JII Part 1

The first part, conducted by the IBA’s Legal Policy & Research Unit (‘IBA LPRU’) in partnership with the Basel Institute on Governance, consisted of a series of research activities (a global survey, country case studies and detailed literature review) the outcomes of which were set out in a study: ‘The International Bar Association Judicial Integrity Initiative: Judicial Systems and Corruption’ (‘Study’).  The Study was issued in May 2016.More…

JII Part 2

The second part, which is ongoing, consists of a range of measures to address the kind of practices identified in the Study as undermining the effectiveness and legitimacy of the judicial process. The LPRU are currently responsible for implementing Prosecutorial Practices project.

Prosecutorial Practices

A compilation of study cases of how allegations of judicial corruption are investigated in different judicial systems.

This project intends to investigate if there should be practices that ensure the independence of the prosecutorial services when investigating allegations against members of the judiciary. More…