About the toolkit

About the knowledge database

The legal profession is in a state of change as never before and law firms face a range of challenges to change the way that they do business. The IBA Law Firm Management Knowledge Database has been created as a response to that. Its four key objectives are:

  1. To make a significant contribution to the quality of law firm management being applied in law firms everywhere;
  2. To provide a platform for IBA Law Firm Management Committee members to share their knowledge and experiences about best practice in law firm management with one another, especially in markets where such information is not freely and easily available;
  3. To provide a forum and tools to communicate and collaborate with industry peers on topics related to law firm management;
  4. To provide a forum where law firm leaders can seek and receive guidance from their peers and other specialists about specific issues related to law firm management.

All content is contributed by members of the IBA Law Firm Management Committee.

How does the knowledge database work?

The database is a knowledge sharing and management resource. It provides an online space for exchange of ideas, asking questions directly and sharing publications, articles, contracts, seminar materials, conference materials and videos on the following topics of successful law firm management:

  • Governance and Partnership
  • Knowledge Management and IT
  • Strategy
  • Business Development & Marketing
  • Talent and Leadership
  • Finance

Each of these groups has:

  • Resources space where you can post articles, ideas, blog posts, graphics, videos or other materials and have a conversation around them;
  • Forum area (Message Board) for questions to be submitted and then discussed and answered by other IBA members;
  • Document repository organised in an easy to understand hierarchical folder structure allowing you to upload documents and any kind of file, to create a library of material for members to search, read and then download;
  • Links to other IBA materials related to the topic.

All content is made easy to find through a comprehensive search mechanism and by classifying with a taxonomy of agreed categories, supplemented by free form, ad hoc tags.

Every IBA member can conveniently access the database through their IBA login details. All Law Firm Management Committee members are automatically notified of new posts and content added to the database.

All content is contributed by members of the IBA Law Firm Management Committee.