Toolkit frequently asked questions

Toolkit frequently asked questions

Accessing the Toolkit

How do I log in to the toolkit?

As an IBA member, simply click on ‘LOGIN’ and enter your IBA username and password. If you are unsure about your login details, please contact

I am not an IBA member, can I use the toolkit?

As a non-IBA member you can view all the content posted in the different topics, as well as the questions/discussions, but you will not be able to respond, contribute, network or download the sample forms.

For more information on how to join the IBA and what the benefits are, please go to /Join_the_IBA/Why_join_the_IBA.aspx.

How can I post something?

After logging in, select the topic you would like to contribute to, and then either ‘New Thread’ (for input/content) or ‘Add a Message’ (for questions), and fill in all the details in the next window. You have the option of uploading a document to a Thread.

How do I know if something new has been posted?

If something new has been uploaded, a new discussion started or replies were made to an existing entry, as a member of the Law Firm Management Committee you will receive an automatic message every day, listing all the new items on the Toolkit. Simply click on the title of the thread you wish to view, and you will be directly to the thread itself.

Navigating the Toolkit

How do I navigate around the toolkit?

The homepage is divided into two parts:

  • Resources available
  • Recent posts

Resources available

We have identified ten key topics within the field of law firm management. Each topic has its own posts and message board, allowing for topic-specific content to be uploaded and shared. The Law Firm mentoring links directly to the Law Firm Management Committee Mentoring Programme.

Simply select the topic you are interest in and you then have the option to read all the entries, messages and questions, as well as contribute, find related articles on the IBA webpage, and access documents shared.

Recent Posts

On the right hand side of the homepage, the most recent posts are shown. Click on the one of interest to you, and you will be able to read the full post, directly where it has been added. You will be able to see under which topic the article/message is listed, and can then read other posts in this group.

At any point of time, ‘Toolkit Home’ in the horizontal toolbar on top will take you back to homepage of the Toolkit. 

How can I share documents?

If you have a piece of content in the form of a Word or a PDF file, sharing this on the toolkit is simple:

  • Identify the topic(s) most relevant and click on it.
  • Go to ‘New Threat’, add a title, and a brief abstract, and then browse your computer to identify the document.
  • Click ‘Save’

How do I delete a post I made?

If you would like to remove a post/message you added to the site, please email us, and we will do so on your behalf:

What topics is the Toolkit divided into?

The Law Firm Management Toolkit is divided into nine specialist topics:

  • Governance and Partnership
  • Knowledge Management and IT
  • Strategy
  • Business Development & Marketing
  • Talent and Leadership
  • Finance

Each of these has:

  • Forum, where you can view recent/past threads, as well as contribute your own, and/or comment on threads by others.
  • Message Board where you can ask topic specific questions, as well as reply to those by others.
  • Related articles, which lists articles/documents added on the general IBA website, which relate to this area of interest.
  • Documents, listing materials that have been uploaded for this topic.

What browsers are supported by the Toolkit?

We support the following browsers:

Internet Explorer 7+
Mozilla Firefox 3.6+
Google Chrome 2+
Opera 10+
Safari 4+

We support the iPad for viewing but not editing content yet.