BIC International Trade in Legal Services Committee Projects


GATS Background Information


General Agreement on Trade in Services: A Handbook for International Bar Association Member Bars
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Powerpoint Presentation Introduction to the GATS and Legal Services (presented at 5-05 Lisbon BIC Business Meeting)
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WTO Council for Trade in Services, Background Note by the Secretariat: Legal Services, S/C/W/ 43 (July 6, 1998)


Documents related to GATS Track 1 - the Doha Market Access Negotiations


WTO Summary of State of Play of Doha Round Services Offers – July 2005

WTO Summary of the State of Play of the Doha Round – July 2005

Links to Doha Round initial offers and revised offers -

Chart summarizing content of legal services offers [coming soon]

Click here for OECD, Managing Request-Offer Negotiations Under The GATS: The Case Of Legal Services (June 14, 2004)

Click here for the WTO Predefined Reports showing 1994 Legal Services Commitments



IBA resolution on Legal Services Terminology

WTO Joint Statement on Legal Services Classification,

Materials Submitted to the Technical subgroup (TSG) of the Expert Group on International Economic and Social Classifications by Prof. Laurel S. Terry, representing the International Bar Association , (191 page pdf file collecting classification information for legal services)

Documents related to GATS Track 2 - the "Disciplines" Issue

Click here to read a report on the about the WTO Working Group's (now BIC International Trade in Legal Services Committee) meeting in Geneva that provides even greater detail about the ongoing GATS Track 2 "disciplines" negotiations

IBA Resolution on the Accountancy Disciplines

Annotated Copy of the WTO Accountancy Disciplines Showing the IBA's Recommended Changes,

WTO Proposed Legal Services Disciplines Paper presented by Australia,


Relevant IBA Resolutions

IBA Statement of General Principles for the Establishment and Regulation of Foreign Lawyers (Adopted at IBA Council Meeting, Vienna, June 1998)

Standards and Criteria for Recognition of the Professional Qualifications of Lawyers (Adopted/Agreed at IBA Council Meeting, Istanbul, June 2001)

IBA Resolution in Support of a System of Terminology for Legal Services for the Purposes of International Trade Negotiations (Adopted at IBA Council Meeting, San Francisco, September 2003)

Communication to the World Trade Organisation on the Suitability of Applying to the Legal Profession the WTO Disciplines for the Accountancy Sector (Adopted at IBA Council Meeting, San Francisco, September 2003)


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