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Law Firm Management Committee Publications

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Mentoring and Coaching for Lawyers: Building Partnerships for Success
Consulting editor: Rebecca Normand-Hochman
This practical new handbook, coordinated by Rebecca Normand-Hochman on behalf of the IBA, explores and challenges some of these assumptions. Featuring chapters by well-respected experts in the field of mentoring and coaching, chapters cover topics including leadership coaching for law firm leaders; mentoring and coaching for lawyers at various stages of their careers; and mentoring and coaching for successful onboarding of lawyers, among other topics. 
Risk Management in Law Firms : Strategies for Safeguarding the Future
Consulting editor: Hermann J Knott
This new book has been prepared by a number of well-known and authoritative authors, the majority of whom are from Anglo-Saxon jurisdictions, but with experience in civil law jurisdictions as well. Chapters address financial risks (which have been an important factor in recent collapses of law firms), risks brought by clients as well as risks associated with quality, conflict, hiring and practice integration procedures.
The Managing Partner Toolkit update July 2014

Following the launch of the Managing Partners’ Toolkit at the IBA Annual Conference in Boston last year, this excellent online platform where members can share documents, give information and interact....
Law Firm Management Committee's First Asia Conference, 20 June 2014

On Friday 20 June, the IBA Law Firm Management Committee hosted its first Asia conference at The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore.
Partnership: an idea on the brink? - Charles Martin (July 2014)

Partnership. The word explodes in a supernova – champagne for some – of possibilities. It can be a great thing for clients and lawyers, but challenges loom that go to the heart of the way legal services are provided.
Yours and mine: Protect your law firm's intellectual property assets - Ugur Aktekin (July 2014)

Creating and maintaining a reputable and trusted brand has become increasingly important for all law firms. Trademarks and copyrights are the most important IP rights for law firms and should be given a high level of attention by senior management.
Partners’ compensation – Why is it so important? - Jaime Fernandez Madero (July 2014)

It is often said that good strategy, leadership and culture are the key ingredients of a successful firm, but these are also the hardest to get right.
IBA Law Firm Management Committee – First Asia Conference 20 June 2014, Singapore - Stephen Revell (March 2014)

This year the Committee is organising its first Law Firm Management Conference in Asia.
Managing Partner Toolkit update - Aku Sorainen (March 2014)

The Managing Partner Toolkit was officially launched in October 2013 at the IBA Annual Conference in Boston. It is a website offering many useful articles, documents and IBA conference materials relating to law firm management.
An introduction to mentoring skills for mentors - Rebecca Normand-Hochman (March 2014)

The Law Firm Mentoring Programme was launched by the Law Firm Management Committee in 2009, and welcomes both mentors and mentees to sign up.
Leadership succession: the ‘unconscious partnerships’ - Jaime Fernandez Madero (March 2014)

Leadership succession is a complex matter in any law firm, but it is specially so in less developed markets where the individual ‘impronta’ is so important.
Partner remuneration: removing obstacles to collaboration - Michael Roch (March 2014)

For many law firms a new financial year usually also means partner reviews and assessments of compensation, remuneration or reward.
Philanthropy: origins and reflections from the Middle East - Jules Campbell and Stanislaw Pelczar (March 2014)

For over 600 years the Ottoman Empire was the centre of interaction between East and West, allowing for a constant exchange of people, information and capital. Historically, the Middle East has long acted as a crossroads of trade, culture and ideas.
The legal profession in Israel: Excerpt of the first half of 2013 - David Zalmanovitsh (March 2014)

The year 2012 and the first half of 2013 are a direct continuation of the last few years in which the legal profession in Israel and worldwide, has undergone dramatic upheavals in economic, regulatory and other contexts.
The challenges of managing a regional law firm in Russia - Evgeny Kovalev (March 2014)

The Russian legal services market is very specific: it is young but at the same time it is ambitious and practitioners try their best to foster growth and development within the sector.
Risk Management in Law Firms : Strategies for Safeguarding the Future
Consulting editor: Christoph H Vaagt
Published in association with the IBA’s Law Firm Management Committee, this practical title is the first in Globe Law and Business’s series on the business of law dedicated to exploring strategic development in law firms. It includes contributions from leading academics, consultants and law firm partners who share their insights and experience in strategy development and management.
Good Governance in Law Firms: A Strategic Approach to Executive Decision Making and Management Structures
Consulting editor: Norman K Clark
How can good governance help law firm owners to make better decisions? How can governance incorporate management information and concepts of risk management into the decision-making process? The fourth in this popular series on the business of law, published in association with the IBA , the book concludes with an examination of emerging trends that will shape law firm governance in the future.
Interview with Charles Martin (December 2013)

Charles Martin is one of the leaders of the Law Firm Management Committee and, like all of us, has an interesting story to tell. The interview feature is an effort to make the newsletter to more personal to our membership.
Law firm development in China - Ning Zhu (December 2013)

The legal industry in China was re-established in the late 1970s, along with the beginning of the Reform and Opening-up Policy of China.
Foreign lawyers in Israel – have they already arrived? - David Zalmanovitsh (December 2013)

Some of them have been operating here for several years, some of them are located here but are not yet able to operate formally and the majority of them have set their sights on Israel and are attempting to figure out... 
The challenge of moving a 250 person office: the relocation of Posadas, Posadas & Vecino in Montevideo - Eduardo A Ferrari (December 2013)

With a team of prestigious lawyers, notaries and accountants, Posadas, Posadas & Vecino is one of the main law firms in Uruguay and has been giving advice to local, regional and foreign clients for more than 85 years.
Limited partnership - Alessandro Jacob (December 2013)

The limited company is one of the newest forms of society in Brazil, since it emerged in the 19th century and gradually evolved to the present day.
The Law Firm Mentoring Programme: nearly a year after the re-launch - Rebecca Normand-Hochman (October 2013)

Many of you will recall that the Law Firm Mentoring Programme was re-launched in Dublin last year.
Are you in the water with a dolphin or a shark? The critical impact negotiation skills can have on lawyers - Ori Wiener (October 2013)

A fascinating, recently published piece of research demonstrated that up to a third of respondents in three US surveys, involving practicing attorneys, law professors and judges, were potentially at risk....
Ten things I’d do differently as a law firm CEO - Timothy B Corcoran (October 2013)

There are many good reasons for law firms to adopt business practices from other industry segments. As has been made abundantly clear, the laws of economics apply equally to law firms as to other businesses...
Moving to Brazil? - Alessandro Jacob (October 2013)

An immigration visa to Brazil will be granted only to applicants who satisfy the special requirements established by the Brazilian National Immigration Council or the Ministry of Labour.
It’s clearly International Plain Language Day again! - Bevan Frank (October 2013)

International Plain Language Day is upon us once again: 13 October 2013 celebrates and encourages the use of plain language around the world.
Interview with Hermann Knott

Hermann Knott is one of those wonderful members of the IBA who quietly volunteers his time on behalf of the team, participating on call after call and speaking at one event after another.
Managing an independent firm in difficult times - Manuel Santos Vitor (July 2013)

I recently became the managing partner of an independent firm in Portugal – the largest Portuguese firm – and have been in its management as a co-managing partner for the last few years.
A story that could be true with some suggestions - Charles Coward (July 2013)

Here is a story that may shed some light on why very large organisations, including law firms, can easily lose (in the words of John Dean) their moral compass.. 
How to succeed as a managing partner - Simon Pizzey and Jonathan Middleburgh(July 2013)

Managing partners have an increasingly challenging role for many reasons, including pressure from clients to control or reduce fees and expenses as well as escalating competition for business.
Value dynamics: a golden opportunity to build close and ‘different’ relationships with your corporate clients - Malcolm J Pike (May 2013)

A direct result of the global economic slowdown is the need for organisations to achieve a great deal more with far fewer (and lower cost) resources, including their people. As private practitioners, we need no reminder of this.
More stringent rules on the hiring out of workers - Filip Saelens and Kim Van Hemelryck (May 2013)

According to Belgian legislation, the hiring out of workers for the benefit of a third party is forbidden if this means that the third party would exercise a part of the employers’ authority over them.
The status quo of the legal profession in China and choice of clients - Xiao Shengfang (May 2013)

Since the establishment of China, the legal profession in China has undergone lots of twists and turns. From the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s, the development of the rule of law in mainland China....
Management of law firms in India: a perspective - Neerav Merchant (May 2013)

The legal profession in India, prior to India’s exposure to globalisation (since 1991), largely consisted of individual lawyers or small/ family based law firms who engaged in adversarial litigation or conventional real estate practices....
The business of law: securing an enduring legacy for the legal profession in Nigeria - Dominic E Obozuwa (May 2013)

Legal practice in Nigeria is often seen by a majority as a profession more rewarding for the affluent, older lawyers and senior advocates of Nigeria (‘SANs’),....
Obtaining a residence permit by investing in Portugal - Francisco Lino Dias (May 2013)

On 28 January 2013, the Diário da República (official gazette) published a set of measures (which came into force the following day) to improve and streamline the special scheme for granting a Portuguese ‘investment residence permit’ (‘IRP’) to....
Advocate entities in Russia - Mikael Porokhov (May 2013)

In a previous article in this newsletter we described two types of legal firms that exist in Russia: commercial law firms (‘CLFs’) and advocate entities. In this article, we would like to pay more attention to advocate entities....
Introduction to the Competition Law in the UAE - Aly Shah, Parastu Dehghani and Mariam Nayani (May 2013)

In October 2012, Federal Law No 4/2012 on the regulation of competition was issued (the ‘Competition Law’)....
Mentoring masterclass, Dublin - Conference Report - Rebecca Normand-Hochman (February 2013)

A mentoring masterclass was held on 30 September in Dublin to mark the relaunch of the Law Firm Mentoring Programme....
Market demand – a key driver of the multidisciplinary approach to legal services - Conference Report

The session was organised around a case study of the GC of a multinational corporation requesting multidisciplinary services in the context of the envisaged carve-out and subsequent disposal of a business unit....
Marketing: business development in a changing legal market - Conference Report

The Thursday morning session was a sellout. In excess of 200 delegates attended the session to hear from the distinguished panel....
Strategy – How must small law firms change in order to survive? - Conference Report

This session was extremely well attended, especially as it was the final session on the final day of the conference, with an audience of in excess of 120 participants....
Battle of discrimination and protection of young lawyers - Jiri Hornik and Jan Beres (February 2013)

Most legal systems worldwide impose several requirements on individuals who wish to become attorneys-at-law, that is, provide legal services to the public...
Lawyering with connectivity – efficiency – mobility - Ricardo Barretto Ferreira da Silva (February 2013)

Law firms with a high reputation for their use of modern management methodologies are in the forefront of the pioneering innovations involving work in a mobile environment....
Attorney-client privilege aspect in managing law firms in Russia - Mikael Porokhov (February 2013)

While talking about law firm management we would like to pay some attention to the following problem existing in Russia..
An overview of the law profession in Belarus and its recent regulation development - Irina Zenchik (February 2013)

Historically there were two independent types of legal professionals in Belarus. The legislation provided for the operation of advocates and so-called commercial attorneys, both licenced by the Ministry of Justice..
Managing talent for success: Talent Development in Law Firms
Consulting editor: Rebecca Normand-Hochman
This practical new handbook, co-ordinated by Rebecca Normand-Hochman, explores the various elements required to manage talent effectively. It illustrates how law firms can significantly increase the performance, engagement and retention of their lawyers by giving them the tools to develop and to support the development of others. It also describes the need to align HR and law firm strategy through talent management, and to adapt leadership and talent management best practices to law firmstructures and challenges.
Law Firm Management Newsletter October 2013 (2012-13 compilation of online articles)

Download the Law Firm Management Newsletter, October 2013, a selection of online articles from 2012-2013 featuring articles on... (PDF download, members will need to login using their IBA username and password)
Managing Client Relationships: A Multi-Generational Approach: Conference overview - Catriona Watt (December 2012)

The IBA conference “Managing client relationships: a multi-generational approach” held in Munich, Germany on 20 - 22 June 2012 was the first of its kind between the Senior Lawyers’, Young Lawyers’ and Law Firm Management Committees.
Teamwork in the law firm – partnering with your partners to achieve maximum results - Conference Report (December 2012)

The session which included seven speakers from six nationalities and seven points of view, dealt with the idea of teaming in a law firm, both from the inside perspective of the law firm and from the point of view of catering to clients' needs.
Mentoring makes sense – how best to integrate it into day-to-day law firm practice - Conference Report (December 2012)

What is it that clients look for when it comes to the seniority of the lawyer they instruct versus the cost to them? How can you persuade clients to help you to develop associates with a view to developing and maintaining a long-term relationship?
Cultivating a strong team despite tough economic circumstances – what is the key? - Conference Report (December 2012)

With the world facing a period of economic slowdown, how can you ensure that you are hiring the best lawyers? What are the important things to look for when considering the long-term future and progress of your firm?
Reconsidering the compensation system for your firm – from associate to senior partner - Conference Report (December 2012)

In two highly interactive sessions, the pacipants focused on some of the main aspects and characteristics of partner compensation models.
How to adapt and survive in the new legal era - Tony Williams and Richard Tromans (December 2012)

The UK’s Legal Services Act has permitted external investment in law firms and heralded the creation of new and highly creative structures, such as allowing banks and private equity funds to take ownership of legal practices....
Innovation – a new set of glasses for law firm management - Dina Gracheva (December 2012)

The ability to innovate is the key capability for law firms that will be ‘needed to win’ in the future. The world economic crisis has significantly changed the market landscape and pushed the market players....
A new chapter in the realm of Indian arbitration law - Sukanya Vashist (December 2012)

The Supreme Court passed a landmark judgment last month in the case of Bharat Aluminium Co v Kaiser Aluminium Technical Service, overruling its earlier judgment in Bhatia International v Bulk Trading....
Embracing cultural intelligence – a necessity, not a luxury - Peter Alfandary (December 2012)

IQ as a measure of intelligence has been with us for over a century. In the 1990s, the business world shifted its focus to Emotional Intelligence (‘EQ’), which refers to an individual’s ability to combine....
Conducting business in conflict zones - Philip D Vasquez and Jessica C Tully (December 2012)

As opportunities for oil and gas development arise in the global marketplace, many multinational corporations and law firms are operating in areas that are under or undeveloped or that have been recently devastated by war...
Law firm processes standardisation - Oleksiy Bezhevets (December 2012)

Every business, including a legal business, at some stage of its development is trying to structure their business processes...
Law and entrepreneurship: re-engineering the young lawyer - Obozuwa Enike Dominic (October 2012)

Legal practice has gone global and older lawyers are passing on the torch to the younger lawyers in their respective firms. But can the young lawyers fill their shoes?..
Law firm alliances: who needs them? - Robert C Bata (October 2012)

It’s a scenario that plays out with increasing frequency at small and medium-sized commercial law firms: one of your partners rushes into your office with good news and bad news...
Resolving domain name disputes in an effective manner - Andrej Ermolenko (October 2012)

For a long time, Belarus has been criticised for an inability to effectively protect brand owners against cyber squatters who unlawfully registered known domain names of high commercial value....
International Plain Language Day is here and law firms need to come to the party! - Bevan Frank (October 2012)

Thirteenth October 2012 is International Plain Language Day. Many in the legal profession have been slow to adapt to the recommended simple ways of plain language drafting....
Corporate social responsibility regulation in Indonesia - Cornel B Juniarto and Andika D Riyandi (October 2012)

After almost five years since the enactment of Law No 40 of 2007 concerning Limited Liability Companies (‘Law 40/2007’), the Indonesian Government has finally....
The challenges of law office management - Joshua Olukayode Olatoke (October 2012)

Law office management (‘LOM’) is the management of a law practice. However, in the United States, law firms may be composed of a single lawyer or of several lawyers....
Unfair advertising under Ukrainian legislation: possible risks and practical advice - Victoriya Ptashnyk (October 2012)

Today, advertising has become one of the most important and effective methods of competition. That being said, since 2009 the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (hereinafter the ‘AMCU’) has determined....
The Bolivian legal market meets the demands of quality and continuous improvement - Raul Sanjines Elizagoyen (October 2012)

The adoption of the New Constitution in 2009 and the birth of the Bolivian Plurinational State lead to a vertiginous growth of the legal industry in Bolivia, a growth that is based on the large amount of new laws....
The Bolivian legal market meets the demands of quality and continuous improvement - Raul Sanjines Elizagoyen (October 2012)

The adoption of the New Constitution in 2009 and the birth of the Bolivian Plurinational State lead to a vertiginous growth of the legal industry in Bolivia, a growth that is based on the large amount of new laws....
The opening of the Indian legal services sector - Shantanu Mohan Puri (October 2012)

The Supreme Court of India, in July 2012, asked the Reserve Bank of India not to grant permission to or register foreign law firms thereby allowing them to set up liaison offices in India....
Brazilian visa for a foreign private investor - Renê Ramos and Carolina Garutti (October 2012)

A foreigner, who wants to come to Brazil to open his or her own company without being dependent on a Brazilian company, must obtain a permanent visa ...
The internet and marketing - Abe Schear (October 2012)

Each of our law firms spends an inordinate amount of money on our websites, striving quite rightly to stay at the cutting edge of the marketing curve, to be sure that our website....
Interview with IBA Law Firm Management Past Chair Norman Clark (October 2012)

Norman spent his time answering our interview questions, helping us to better understand his background, his rich experiences, and he gives us a real flavour of his career.
The relaunch of the Law Firm Mentoring Programme - Rebecca Normand-Hochman (October 2012)

In 2009, the Law Firm Management Committee launched a mentoring programme linking IBA senior partners that have law firm management expertise and experience (the ‘mentors’) with lawyers from around....
Aligning marketing and business development for strategic delivery - Eric Staal (July 2012)

Faced with an intensely competitive and dynamic industry many law firms are building capabilities in practices, industries and geographies to improve strategic and financial performance....
The challenge of running larger law firms - Chris Vaagt (July 2012)

The downfall of Dewey & Leboeuf LLP shed a light on the conditions under which larger law firms operate. All too often, the downfall of law firms is becoming a more common phenomenon than we might have thought....
Quality in law firm management - José A Miguel Neto and Cristina de Andrade Salvador (July 2012)

In a law firm, service quality is directly related to customer satisfaction. The urge for adopting practices that enable continuous service quality enhancement is ultimately fostered by....
Law Firm Management Newsletter April 2012

Download the Law Firm Management Newsletter, April 2012, featuring articles on... (PDF download, members will need to login using their IBA username and password)
The Business of Law: Strategies for Success
Consulting editor: The International Bar Association
This high-level title, published in conjunction with the IBA, brings together the expertise of IBA members and experienced practitioners to produce a practical guide to law firm management and building a successful business.
Law Firm Management Newsletter October 2011

Download the Law Firm Management Newsletter, October 2011, featuring articles on... (PDF download, members will need to login using their IBA username and password)
Law Firm Management Newsletter March 2011

Download the Law Firm Management Newsletter, November 2010, featuring articles on... (PDF download, members will need to login using their IBA username and password)
Law Firm Management Newsletter, May 2010

Download the Law Firm Management Newsletter, May 2010, featuring articles on... (PDF download, members will need to login using their IBA username and password)