Alternative and New Law Business Structures Committee Overview



The Alternative and New Law Business Structures (ANLBS) Committee (formerly the Multidisciplinary Practices Committee) was first created as a President-appointed committee to follow the developments of ANLBS in different jurisdictions. It developed recommendations for IBA Resolutions as to the requirements to be met when allowing ANLBS, to ensure that the core values of the legal profession are not undermined.

In the aftermath of Enron, many ANLBS, in particular those between accountants and lawyers, were dissolved, and ANLBS became, if possible, even more controversial. Prohibited in some jurisdictions (like the United States and Belgium), allowed in some other jurisdictions (like Australia), there was little growth in the number, but much interest in the developments of these practices. In more recent times, ANLBS seem to be on the rise again, and, moving forward, it is becoming increasingly relevant to see how they are governed in different jurisdictions.

Aims of the committee

The ANLBS Committee aims to bring together legal professionals and other interested individuals from many and various jurisdictions and backgrounds to monitor, discuss and shape the developments of ANLBS and the rules to which they are subject around the world.

Who does the committee represent?

The members of the ANLBS Committee are as varied as the backgrounds from which they come. Whereas many are ANLBS lawyers practising in their country, members also include those who are, or would like to be, partners in an ANLBS.

Committee activities

The ANLBS Committee meets during the Annual IBA Conference and is looking to post news regarding various developments in different jurisdictions on the IBA website.