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  • IBA Annual Conference 2010
    3-8 October, Vancouver, Canada
    Click here to view Professional Ethics Committee IBA Annual Conference working sessions Vancouver 2010.
  • Click here to read about the Outreach Programme for India which took place in New Delhi, 3-4 September 2010.
  • An Outreach Programme for African Bars, organised by the Professional Ethics Committee and the Client Protection Subcommittee, took place on 25–26 February 2009 in South Africa. The Bars of Namibia, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Lesotho and South Africa were represented at the programme.
    Sessions were held on setting up and maintaining compensation funds, handling client complaints, risk assessment and disclosure obligations in combatting money laundering and terrorist financing, regulatory models for African bars, and setting up ethics awareness programmes.
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     . Click here to listen to the audio for the Outreach Programme for African Bars

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