War Crimes Committee Overview


The IBA’s War Crimes Committee is the only IBA committee of its kind focused specifically on international criminal law. Over the past fifteen years there has been tremendous growth and development in this field of law. This new committee provides a forum for the very diverse group of practitioners and scholars involved in this area of law.

The committee endeavours to provide IBA members with comprehensive and reliable information and resources on international criminal law. It also provides lawyers, international agencies and tribunals with an unparalleled and easily accessible network of contacts and, in turn, is directly involved with the IBA’s ongoing programme in support of international, ad hoc and domestic war crimes tribunals.

The committee works alongside the IBA's Human Rights Institute to promote justice around the world, and uphold the principle of accountability.

Starting in 2017, the War Crimes Committee has established a special connection to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), who have appointed an IHL Expert/Observer to the Committee.


The War Crimes Committee has the following statement of aims:

  • To be the pre-eminent professional organisation for lawyers working in the area of international criminal law
  • To provide a first class and easily accessed network of contacts in this field of law
  • To provide a reliable and comprehensive source of information and resources on international criminal law 
  • To work together with the IBA Human Rights Institute to promote the rule of law around the world, and in particular to encourage adherence to the principles of international criminal law
  • To inspire and encourage young lawyers in the field of international criminal law

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