Women Lawyers' Interest Group Overview


The Women Lawyers' Interest Group of the International Bar Association offers a forum for women members from Australia to Zambia to discuss topics of global significance to women practitioners. The Group was introduced as an IBA constituent in 1996 by Dianna Kempe Q.C. in order to allow efficient global networking of women lawyers.

Liaison and discussions take place at IBA conferences, at IBA World Women Lawyers’ Conferences, by newsletter or through contact with fellow members listed in the Group's Directory. Apart from fostering women lawyers’ business potentials, the Group also aims to provide informal advice and assistance in areas of interest. Moreover, many of the countries in the IBA have a WIG Country Representative who organizes programmes and events according to the local needs of each country.

All IBA members, both male and female, are encouraged to participate in the Women Lawyers' Interest Group's activities.

Message from the Chair

'It is with great pleasure and anticipation that I now begin my two-year term as Chair of the Women Lawyers’ Interest Group. I have held a number of positions in the Group since 2007 and am honoured to have your trust to serve as the Group’s Chair'. Read full message from the Chair