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Concurrency world tour
John Livengood takes us on a tour of concurrent delay, kicking off in England, where much of the world’s construction law was developed.


Failure properly to constitute a DAB under the FIDIC terms and conditions of contract
What happens when a DAB under FIDIC is not properly constituted? Andrew Burr sets out several illustrations, based on judgments of the courts of various jurisdictions and arbitral awards.


Hospital construction in Chile: the treatment proposed for this critically ill patient
A number of obstacles confront hospital construction in Chile. Alex Wagemann offers an independent view of the situation and offers some potential remedies.






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Updates from around the World

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From the Construction Law campus
Lawyers from outside the US are sometimes surprised at the ways in which that law differs from what they’re used to seeing. Troy L Harris highlights some of those differences.

Book review
The European Society of Construction Law’s Studies in European Construction Law is a unique book that takes a unique approach, says Murray Armes.

David Thomas QC
Penalties and liquidated damages in English law: a centenary review by the Supreme Court