European Regional Forum Overview


The European Regional Forum was established in 1989 to provide a focus originally on the work undertaken by the IBA in developing the practice under changing legal systems of lawyers in Eastern and Central Europe. The forum was also intended to act as a channel for IBA communication with the bar associations of these local lawyers.

Since 2004 the forum has been developing and strengthening the existence of the IBA within the whole of Europe by promoting the goals of the IBA to members, non-members and others, disseminating professional know-how, and assisting the committees and other constituencies of the IBA to increase their presence in the different neighbouring-regions of Europe, including parts of North Africa and the Middle East.

The goals of the forum include addressing current and long-term needs of professional organisations and individual members within the geographical reach of the forum, as well as increasing membership and participation in the IBA and integrating them within the organisation. The forum will also facilitate cross-border activity between lawyers and bars in different European countries. The forum has a particular focus on cross-disciplinary activities.

The forum seeks to facilitate relevant networking and information/experience sharing opportunities and encompasses the social and collegial interests of both members and potential members with other regional fora, the Corporate Counsel Forum and the Young Lawyers Committee and all LPD committees in general.

At present the forum has 7700 members and its numbers continue to increase as it becomes one of the most integrated and dynamic fora of the IBA.