Regulation Directory project - Australia – Australian Capital Territory

Legal Jurisdictions

Australia – Australian Capital Territory

Lawyer Title(s)

Lawyer, legal practitioner, barrister or counsel, solicitor or attorney, Queens Counsel or Senior Counsel

Regulator(s) of Admission

Legal Practitioners Admission Board of the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory



Regulator(s) of Practice

Australian Capital Territory Law Society makes rules governing solicitors and issues practising certificates and the ACT Bar Association does so for barristers.


Disciplinary Authorities

The Law Society or the Bar Association investigates complaints about their professionals respectively. The Law Society or the Bar Association may impose sanctions to deal with a complaint summarily for unsatisfactory professional conduct (but not professional misconduct). Unsatisfactory professional conduct complaints may be referred (and professional misconduct complaints must be referred) by the Law Society or Bar Association to the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) to make disciplinary, compensation and other orders. An order from the ACAT recommending removal from the roll is referred to the Supreme Court.



Other Bodies involved in Regulation of the Legal Profession

Attorney General of Australian Capital Territory



Primary Legislative Source

Legal Profession Act 2006
Legal Profession Regulation 2007
Legal Profession (Barrister) Rules 2006
Legal Profession (Solicitors) Rules 2006