Regulation Directory project - Bulgaria

Legal Jurisdictions


Lawyer Title(s)

???????? (advocate)

Regulator(s) of Admission

Local Bar Associations admit lawyers. An EU lawyer may practice in Bulgaria upon entry into the Unified register of the foreign lawyers kept by the Supreme Bar Council. The Supreme Bar Council hears appeals from decisions of the local bars.



Regulator(s) of Practice

Local Bars (27 in total) carry out day to day regulation and keep the lists of the practicing lawyers, junior lawyers, lawyer’s associates, lawyers associations and partnerships. The Supreme Bar Council is entrusted with the overall regulation of the practice by adopting certain legal acts, hearing appeals against decisions of the local bars and their bodies, maintaining the list of all practising lawyers, junior lawyers, lawyer’s associates, lawyers associations and partnerships in Bulgaria, and the register of offices in which they work, as well as the list of the foreign lawyers admitted to practice in Bulgaria.


Disciplinary Authorities

Local bars and their respective disciplinary councils take disciplinary decisions and the Supreme Bar Council hears appeals of those decisions.


Primary Legislative Source

The Bulgarian Bar Act 2004; Attorneys’ Ethics Code 2005; Regulation on the Bar Admission Exams for Lawyers and Junior Lawyers 2004; Legal Aid Act 2006; Regulation on the Education and Qualification of the Lawyers 2006


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