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Lawyer Title(s)

Lawyer titles: - Avocat or advocates in English (must hold at least a degree from a faculty of law after 5 year study): this category can appear in all kind of court: local court, High court, Court of appeal and supreme court. They have jurisdiction all over the country. - Défenseur judiciaire (must hold a master in law, 3 year study): this category of lawyer can appear at local and high court only in a restricted area, in a specific jurisdiction.

Regulator(s) of Admission

Regulator of admission: - for the advocates, the regulator of admission is "Conseil de l'ordre".

The " Conseil de l'ordre" is supervised by the president called " Bâtonnier".

This is composed of several commissions among them "admission commission ". Once the admission commission has finish to investigate on a candidate, his/her file is transmitted to the Attorney General for his advice. If there is nothing wrong with him/her, the candidate will be admitted.


Contact/URL: all communications addressed to the DRC Bar Association must de submitted to The Bâtonnier National, who will direct them to the concerned commission for treatment (art. 49, organic law on the legal profession). If directed to a provincial bar association, they must be addressed to the "Bâtonnier". For national bar association (DRC Bar association) the URL is:  


Regulator(s) of Practice

Regulator(s) of Practice: Conseil national de l'Ordre, with the specific commission. Although decisions are taken in a plenary session of the council. The national council edict a rules framework for all lawyers and bar associations.

Each provincial bar association is able to elaborate a code of conduct according to the rules framework. A disciplinary decision taken by a provincial bar association is appealable at the national level. No one other judiciary authority can intefere in this.


Disciplinary Authorities

Bâtonnier who closely work with the Disciplinary commission. Although, all council members are concerned (conseil de l'ordre).


Contact person: Bâtonnier national (;; private:;  


Other Bodies involved in Regulation of the Legal Profession

Conférence des Bâtonniers : this is an experience sharing platform for bar leaders.


Primary Legislative Source

Ordonnance-loi n° 70-028 du 28/09/1979 portant organisation du barreau, du corps des défenseurs judiciaires et des mandataires de l'Etat.

Contact/URL - global legal information network ( -

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