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Legal Jurisdictions


Lawyer Title(s)

Advocaat (registered lawyer) Notaris/Kandidaat Notaris (civil law notary) The Netherlands Bar has no responsibility for civil law notaries. Their professional organization is the KNB ( and their regulator is the BFT (

Regulator(s) of Admission

A advocaat is sworn in by the one of the 11 courts. Before being sworn in the advocaat has to provide the local Bar council all information required by law (article 2 of the Act on Advocates). The local Bar council has the power to intervene (article 4 of the Act on Advocates). After being sworn in the advocaat is admitted to the roll of lawyers by the secretary-general of The Netherlands Bar (article 8 of the Act on Advocates).


Local Bar Council
The Netherlands Bar
Roll of lawyers    

Regulator(s) of Practice

The local Bar president is the regulator for advocaten in his own district. There are 11 districts in total. The local Bar president is assisted by the local Bar council, a local supporting staff and by a department within The Netherlands Bar.


Local Bar president
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Other Bodies involved in Regulation of the Legal Profession

The Netherlands Bar led by the general council is responsible for all legislation for lawyers There also is a Supervisory Board of which The president of The Netherlands Bar is president and with two other member who are appointed by government (article 36a-36c and 45i of the Act on Advocates). The task of this new Supervisory Board is to oversee the performance of the Local Bar President in his (new) supervising role and in handling of complaints. The Supervisory Board can in the end suspend or relief the Local Bar President of his tasks, in the exceptional case of neglecting his duties.


The Netherlands Bar
The Supervisory Board

Primary Legislative Source

The Act on Advocates (Advocatenwet) The Decision on legal requirements of lawyers (Besluit beroepsvereisten advocatuur) The bye-law on advocates (Verordening op de advocatuur) The code of conduct (Gedragsregels)