Regulation Directory project - Slovenia

Legal Jurisdictions


Lawyer Title(s)

Odvetnik (Attorney at Law)

Regulator(s) of Admission

Slovene Bar Association


Regulator(s) of Practice

Slovene Bar Association under supervision of the Consitutional Court


Disciplinary Authorities

Discplinary Committee of the Supreme Court


Other Bodies involved in Regulation of the Legal Profession

Constitutional Court of Slovenia as the most higher instance of the control of human rights protection. Within SBA exists an independent body by title:" disciplinski tožilec", e.g. "Disciplinary prosecutor" who runs procedure against lawyer. Than: the Disciplinary commission of the 1. instance -it passes a disciplinary measures against lawyers. The Disciplinary commission of the 2. instance: complaints Board. Than: The Discplinary Court : an independent Board within SBA which consists of two judges of the Supreme Court and three lawyers. It controls the decisions of the 2. instance regarding the control of the worst sanctions against lawyer ( removing from the register, suspension).


Constitutional Court of Slovenia:
Supreme Court:

Primary Legislative Source

The Bar Act was adopted in 1993 and amended in 1996,2001,2008,2014 (Decisions of the Constitutional Court: Official Gazette Nr. 24/01,54/08,35/09)

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