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Regulator(s) of Admission

Law graduates seeking to become independent advocates (licensed to appear in court) must be a member of the YBA. Law on Advocacy specifices that a three-year training course must be completed, but this seldom occurs. Instead, many law graduates can apply to the YBA for placement at a lawyer's office. After completion, without final exam, trainees can become practicing lawyers. However, some judges permitt nonlicensed shari'a agents to appear before the court, as well as husbands or close family members.


Yemeni Bar Association   

Regulator(s) of Practice

YBA, a quasi-governmental body, is the statutory regulator.


Yemeni Bar Association    

Disciplinary Authorities

Law on Advocacy dictates that the Yemeni Bar Association handles disciplinary matters. Warranted complaints are referred to disciplinary panels headed by Court of Appeal judges.


Yemeni Bar Association:
P.O. Box 2631 Sanaa, Yemen

Other Bodies involved in Regulation of the Legal Profession

Legal Affairs Ministry


Primary Legislative Source

Law on Advocacy

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