Task Force on the Future of Legal Services


President’s Task Force on the Future of Legal Services

The legal profession is in a period of profound change, the pace of which is intensifying. Change on this scale can be both threatening and challenging, but change can also make way for new opportunities. The IBA Task Force on the Future of Legal Services was formed to address critical issues arising from change, and to make a tangible and meaningful contribution to help our profession transition through this period.

The new Task Force will not reinvent the wheel. Phase I was to quickly summarise and categorise, on a global basis, the changes found to be affecting the legal profession, as those changes may determine our future. With the aid of an experienced contracted resource, Phase I was completed. That work, "Drivers of Change for Legal Services " may be accessed via the link below. The video guides the viewer through the Phase I presentation of findings. It was designed so that the global legal profession has an easy to comprehend, tangible current take-away presenting the world of changes affecting legal services. The Phase I findings are now being circulated for commentary to the IBA member bar associations; and to a broad group of global thought leaders in the area of change in legal services. This outreach will ensure that the findings reflect, as comprehensively as possible, the major drivers of change in legal services.

In Phase 2, Task Force members will discuss, debate and identify what the IBA can do for its members to enable them to cope with change, manage change, or prevent change. This will be a value-add to the existing body of knowledge.

In Phase 3, the Task Force will conduct independent research with the bars and IBA committees to determine the tactics likely to have the best leverage helping IBA members deal with the global changes identified. And finally, the Task Force will publish reports as appropriate.

We hope that the Task Force on the Future of Legal Services will be a stellar example of the leadership that the IBA can take for the legal profession worldwide. This work concerns us all.

Drivers of change in legal services - Powerpoint presentation with voice over commentary