From the APDC Co-Chairs, August 2020

Dear friends and members of the Academic and Professional Development Committee

We hope this finds you and your loved ones safe and well. 

Since the last newsletter, most of our lives have changed dramatically. You may now find yourself reading this message in the comfort of your home, unable to go to your office but working hard navigating the complexities the pandemic has caused to clients, students, employees, government institutions etc. You may find yourself concerned about what the future holds, as clients are scaling back due to concerns about current economic conditions, exams are being cancelled and others are struggling with their health or know someone who is. The IBA has put together a new page which you may find useful, collecting resources on Covid-19, which will be updated regularly.

Our lives have been turned upside-down, but we believe that in time we will be able to return to a more normal way of life. The hard-working officers of the APDC are therefore working away to put together a programme of webinars as we will unfortunately not be able to meet in Miami in November. And while we are doing this, we have collected a number of articles from the IBA Annual Conference 2019 in Seoul to remind everyone why we are members of the IBA and the Academic and Professional Development Committee.

We ran our annual committee scholarship this year, which is usually awarded to an individual who wishes to participate in the Annual Conference, but who might face financial difficulties in doing so. Application for the scholarship this year was by submission of a 2,500 word essay on whether global legal education should be a priority for law schools. Even though we were unable to award the scholarship this year because the Annual Conference is not going ahead in Miami, we are delighted to showcase two impressive submissions in this newsletter.

We may find ourselves dispersed throughout the world, not able to see each other soon, but none of us are more than a phone call, text or email away. Together we can come out of this crisis stronger than ever, if we just remember to keep in touch.

Stay safe and well.

Lewis Patrick and Ulrikke Weinreich Krogbeck

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