From the Co-Chairs, October 2020

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Dear members of the Immigration and Nationality Law Committee,

We are pleased to share with you the Immigration and Nationality Law Committee’s second e-Bulletin for 2020. We would like to extend special thanks to our Newsletter Officer, Ariel Orrego-Villacorta.

This publication is a great example of excelling in the face of unprecedented times. We are pleased to feature eight articles with a diverse range of national contributions. Given the current circumstances, there is a heavy Covid-19 aspect to most of the articles as well as several on other topics. We would like to again thank the authors for their effort and contributions in providing these timely and thought-provoking articles.

In addition to the e-Bulletin, the Committee has continued to contribute to the IBA Legal Practice Division’s initiative of providing a comprehensive Covid-19 summary as it pertains to our specific practice area. This Covid-19 summary represents over 15 countries, with updates continuing. Please click here to access the Immigration and Nationality Law Committee’s Covid-19 matrix. We are keen to continue to update this comprehensive Covid-19 summary as the situation continues to unfold and with this in mind, further contributions are welcome. Kindly direct your contribution to anne@immigrationsolutions.com.au.

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on normal IBA operations. The IBA will be hosting its Virtually Together Conference from November 2–27, which will provide a new and exciting new way to bring the IBA and the world’s legal community together in a spirit of shared purpose. The Immigration and Nationality Law Committee will be participating in a total of eight topical and diverse sessions. Of the eight sessions, our committee will be lead in four.

Finally, the Immigration and Nationality Law Committee has been successful in the presentation of two insightful webinars in July and September; recordings are available here. A third webinar on remote working has been scheduled and details will be circulated shortly.

We look forward to ongoing e-Bulletins and webinars in the months ahead. Any and all suggestions as to how we may assist you with information, practice advice or learning opportunities are welcome.

Stay safe and well,

Anne O’Donoghue and Catherine Sas QC


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