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Africa's 'lions on the move': the continent’s legal infrastructure is hampering economic progress

IBA Global Insight - February/March 2016. An article from IBA Fellow Swithin J Munyantwali. African economies can sustain shocks if there are true fundamentals supporting the growth – with solid bedrock: the rule of law. These fundamentals cannot exist in a vacuum and the rule of law is an indispensable foundation of economic architecture.

Released on Feb 1, 2016

Fighting extremism through justice in Mali

IBA Global Insight April/May 2018 - Where it functions, justice plays a vital role in supporting peace, stability and inclusion. But, in parts of Mali, the legal system remains corrupt, inefficient and exclusionary.

Building trust and underpinning justice in Liberia

IBA Global Insight August/September 2017. Establishing a legal system that serves everyone equally is proving a long and difficult process. But, community mediation efforts are bolstering trust, resolving conflicts and providing a base for broader legal reforms. Article includes video feature from author Blair Glencorse, IBA Fellow for Innovation 2017.

Illicit financial flows from Africa: ‘Progress is small, small’

IBA Global Insight April/May 2017 - The huge illicit financial flows from Liberia that are undermining its development reflect the wider problems that persist across Africa. Illegal transactions are, in some ways, easier than ever, but there are promising developments at corporate, government and international levels. Article includes video feature from author Blair Glencorse, IBA Fellow for Innovation 2017.

The Long Arm of Justice: from Africa to The Hague and the SDGs

IBA Global Insight Oct/Nov 2016. An article by IBA Fellow Mark V Vlasic. Demonstrating a series of significant firsts in international judicial history, Africa has played an important role in what has been a remarkable year for justice.

Global: Ending impunity for crimes committed by UN peacekeepers

IBA Global Insight June/July 2016 - An article by IBA Fellow Kelly D Askin. The UN Secretary-General can waive immunity for serious crimes, but few peacekeepers are prosecuted and still fewer convicted as intervention often occurs in countries with failed judicial systems.