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AR and VR devices in the healthcare business: legal and ethical challenges

The recent announcement made by Apple regarding the upcoming release of their new mixed reality headset, known as Apple Vision Pro, has sparked high expectations for its potential applications in healthcare. However, alongside these expectations, legal and ethical concerns have emerged. The fundamental question revolves around the potential benefits of augmented reality and virtual reality devices in the healthcare sector and their impact on critical areas such as privacy, security, and ethics.

Released on Jul 6, 2023

The metaverse and the evolution of the workplace

The metaverse is an unknown space, with endless possibilities. Technology is changing the way we see the world and, therefore, impacting the workplace and providing a new way of working no matter where we are.

Released on Jun 20, 2023

Redefining the realms of workspace in the metaverse

This article explores the concept of the metaverse and its growing relevance to workspaces. It examines the applicability to workspace in the metaverse of existing labour laws in India and analyses various human resource oriented and legal considerations pertaining to recruitment, use of digital currency, data privacy concerns, sexual harassment, jurisdictional challenges, and diversity and inclusion.

Released on Oct 7, 2022