Understanding H2: the opportunity for hydrogen to help solve the energy transition, and what lawyers need to know

13 Sep 2021 1300 - 1400 BST

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A webinar presented by the IBA Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Law Section (SEERIL)

As the world increasingly looks for ways to decarbonise energy, transportation, and industrial sectors, hydrogen is the solution increasingly being cited on all fronts. Hydrogen is a clean fuel that, when consumed in a fuel cell, produces only water, electricity, and heat. Hydrogen is thus being promoted as a leading technology to address problematic sectors such as transportation, oil and gas, and industrial processes, while also enabling existing energy generation such as gas turbines to be decarbonised longer term.

Utilising hydrogen in place of fossil fuels is not straightforward. Firstly, there are significant issues regarding the production of hydrogen in quantities sufficient to be used in mainstream applications, including the use of energy to generate hydrogen in the first instance, as well as the safe transport and storage of it. Secondly, there are debates around prioritising the sectors to use hydrogen technology, focusing first on the harder to abate sectors such as transportation. Thirdly, there are policy issues in deciding how to invest in the research and development (R&D) for hydrogen technology, and how to share the benefits of such investments across countries and economies. Finally, there are significant questions regarding the economic feasibility of hydrogen, and the viability of the scale of the technology in the long run.

Despite these questions, there is no doubt that the focus on hydrogen will grow dramatically with increasing attention to R&D and innovation. Multiple governments have committed tens of billions towards hydrogen research, while companies are rushing to make it practically and economically viable, and to win the race to make it commercially and technologically feasible.

This SEERIL webinar will be the first in a series of discussions focused on the emerging opportunities and challenges for hydrogen, as part of the energy transition and decarbonisation efforts. This session will present an overview of the topic of hydrogen to provide a basic understanding of the arising science and policy issues. Attention will be paid to understanding the growing focus of governments and companies on hydrogen as a solution to the energy transition and the decarbonisation of hard to abate sectors, as well as concentrating on what lawyers need to know in order to advise clients and anticipate issues and changes within this discourse.

The panel will bring together leading government and industry officials from around the world to share their expertise in this industry. Future webinars, hosted by SEERIL’s Committees, will take deep dive looks into the intersection of hydrogen with environmental issues, transportation, the energy sectors, natural resources, and infrastructure, among others.


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Keynote speaker
Jonathan Cocker

Keynote Speaker
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Sustainability Initiatives Officer, Environment, Health and Safety Law Committee

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Daryl Wilson

Keynote Speaker
Hydrogen Council

Nuno Antunes

Keynote Speaker
Miranda & Associados - Sociedade de Avogados RL, Lisbon, Portugal; European Regional Forum Liaison Officer, Power Law Committee

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Rajani Modiyani

Keynote Speaker
Cummins Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Heidrun Schalle

Keynote Speaker
Boos Hummel & Wegerich Rechtsanwälte , Berlin, Germany

Matthias Lang

Bird & Bird LLP, Düsseldorf, Germany; Secretary-Treasurer, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Law Section (SEERIL)

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Confirmed speakers
Shane Freitag

Opening Remarks
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Chair, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Law Section (SEERIL)

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