What is a firm-wide strategy and why do you need one?

24 Sep 2021 1300 - 1400 BST

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A webinar presented by the IBA Law Firm Management Committee Strategy and Finance Subcommittee

This webinar is aimed at law firms in all jurisdictions who may not currently have a formal firm-wide strategy in place or who may have outgrown and/or be thinking about reviewing their current strategy. The webinar will support these firms in taking a step back and assessing why they need a strategy: what are they trying to achieve and how can a formal strategy help them to achieve their goals? 

Issues to be covered include:

•    What is meant by a firm-wide law firm strategy?

•    Why do you need a firm-wide strategy?

•    What are the benefits/impact of a good law firm strategy?

•    How successful has your strategy been to date? Are you satisfied with the strategy? How do you measure success?

•    Is a lack of strategy a common reason for law firm failures?


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Keynote speaker
Adam Bryant

Keynote Speaker
ExCo Group, New York, New York, USA

Sverre Tyrhaug

Thommessen, Oslo, Norway; Vice Chair, Law Firm Management - Strategy and Finance Subcommittee

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Zulon Begum

CM Murray, London, England; Chair, Law Firm Management - Strategy and Finance Subcommittee

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Confirmed speakers
Maria-Pia Hope

Vinge, Stockholm, Sweden; Member, Law Firm Management Committee Advisory Board

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Moray McLaren

Lexington Consultants, Madrid, Spain; Assistant Strategy Officer, Law Firm Management Committee

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Masaki Hosaka

Nishimura & Asahi, Tokyo, Japan

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