IBA Global Immigration Virtual Conference

18 Nov - 19 Nov 2021

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IBA Global Immigration Virtual Conference presented by the IBA Immigration and Nationality Law Committee

  18 – 19 November 2021, online

The conference will provide an invaluable update on the current post pandemic global immigration landscape. There will be discussions on Protectionism, Business, Environment and other key topics.

‘Finding the right talents’ is one of the most pressing needs for business and in these difficult times and humanitarian immigration issues are equally topical.

This session will be set up as Workshop Tables arranged under “Themes” with each table having two or more co-hosts. The Themes would be broad but would cover at least three round-tables, with participants being able to hop between tables. A speaker will briefly introduce each theme, as well as the round table and hosts. Each theme would be covered in 90 minutes.

Thursday 18 November

1300 – 1430 GMT Plenary session

1500 – 1630 GMT Theme 1: Protectionism and Immigration in the Post Pandemic Global Economy

•Protectionism–are immigration policies becoming more protectionist in the post –pandemic economic recovery?

•Domestic workers- do any OECD countries still allow nannies/caretakers in?

•Attracting the best and brightest- the international search for Global Talent.

•Corporate social and environmental responsibility: How modern slavery laws affect supply chain compliance and how net zero carbon emission and environmental protective policies may reduce travel and effect global mobility.

Friday 19 November

1200 – 1330 GMT Theme 2: Business, Trade Innovation & Trade and Mobility – a review of EU-UK and other trade agreement impacting mobility.

•Technology and AI:-advantages, traps and mismatches. How is technology helping visa applicants, employers and governments through online submission, digital processing and improving the “customer journey”?

•My Immigration System is better than yours!” A comparative workshop on who has the fastest, cheapest, most efficient system for processing work visas.

•Foreign born founders and attracting start-ups and entrepreneurs-Challenges and opportunities.

•Investment Migration-how could investment migration (Citizenship or residence by investment) be used to help countries recover from the pandemic?

1400 – 1530 GMT Theme 3: Environment, Health and Humanitarian Immigration

•Climate change refugees-a 21st century challenge.

•Pandemics; How countries deal with stranded foreign visitors and lessons from COVID-19.

•How new ways of working are changing mobility needs and the post-COVID remote workforce world. Has the nature of work changed forever?

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