Corruption and the threat to the Rule of Law: How democracy is endangered?

14 Dec 2021 1300 - 1400 GMT

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A webinar presented by the IBA Anti-Corruption Committee and the IBA Young Lawyers' Committee, with support from the Rule of Law Forum

The rule of law is fundamental for stable democracies, domestic peace and social justice. In recent years, people around the world have taken to the streets to protest against corruption and demand respect for the rule of law. As a result, many countries took measures to adopt, revise and strengthen their national anti-corruption frameworks.

However, challenges remain particularly when there are political elites in power manipulating policies, laws and rules to their own advantage, as well as disrupting or merely feigning reforms – as evidenced by the recently leaked Pandora Papers. Furthermore, the Covid-19 pandemic not only slowed down reforms in many countries, but also gave rise to new forms of corruption.

The IBA Anti-Corruption Committee and the IBA Young Lawyers' Committee will host distinguished speakers from around the world to give a better understanding on whether democracy is endangered in different countries, particularly for concerns related to corruption.

Join us for this interactive webinar which will provide a unique overview of the situation in the Middle East, Europe, Latin America and India and aims at shedding the light on which countries have been stepping up the fight against corruption, restoring the rule of law and safeguarding democracy.


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Alessandro Musella

Bonelli Erede Lombardi Pappalardo Studio Legale, Genoa, Italy; Webinar Officer, Anti-Corruption Committee

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Zeina Obeid

Obeid Law Firm, Beirut, Lebanon; Co-Secretary, Young Lawyers' Committee

Confirmed speakers
Arush Khanna

Numen Law Offices, New Delhi, Delhi, India; Website Officer, Young Lawyers' Committee

Giovanni Tartaglia Polcini

Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Rome, Italy

Nassif Hitti

Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Beirut, Lebanon

Juan Manuel Rey

Cuatrecasas, Santiago, Chile