5th Annual Latin American Bar Leaders Summit Plenary Session

25 Mar 2020 Cartagena, Cartagena, Colombia

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5th Annual Latin American Bar Leaders' Summit Open Plenary Session
Does the media interfere in the independence of the legal profession?

25 March 2020, Cartagena, Colombia

A conference presented by the Bar Issues Commission and hosted by Camara de Servicios Legales de la ANDI

Media, in all its expressions has become a central factor of social and political life. It facilitates the production, dissemination and exchange of information, which has a great impact on legal activities in society. Conventional and new media, such as blogs, websites, digital apps and social media, are continually spreading true and/or false information to wide audiences, with or without the intervention of editors or gatekeepers; they are a source of risk that cannot be controlled.

In Latin America there have been several cases of power abuse by the media which have caused immediate and various public reactions. Reputations can be built and seriously affected by these activities. The independence of attorneys and lawyers can be affected by media driven perceptions in cases where they decide to defend causes that can be polemic or unpopular.

Topics include:
  • Does the media interfere in different Latin American jurisdictions? How can it interfere in each jurisdiction?
  • Does it affect the independence of lawyers or their decision to take on certain law suits?
  • What are the main aspects that generate interferences? and
  • how does new media impact the practice of law?

Speaker opportunities

If you would like to be considered as a potential speaker at this specialist conference then please contact the relevant Chair / Co-chairs in the Bar Issues Commission with your request; please send your bio together with information on your qualification and expertise on the topic.


Hosted by

Camara de Servicios Legales de la ANDI