Dispute Resolution – selected highlights

Case law

Annulment of arbitral awards by state court: a review of national case law

The post-truth world

A Dispute Resolution International article on arbitration in a post-truth world: perception versus reality

Enforcement of foreign judgments

A report to the HCCH Special Commission on the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments

‘Vicarious liability’

An In-House Perspective article which looks at the Morrisons data breach judgment in the UK

Developments in litigation

A filmed conference session focusing on the natural resources industry

Emmanuel Gaillard on Yukos

The eminent arbitration specialist discusses the alleged misappropriation of assets by the Russian Government

Strategic litigation

Concerns that strategic litigation and test cases are being abused, and the role of pro bono lawyers

David Howard, Microsoft

The Deputy General Counsel for Litigation on the need for up-to-date laws for the internet age

Hague Convention post-Brexit

A Dispute Resolution International article: could the Convention bring more certainty in cross-border disputes

Arbitration Committee Update

Regional developments across the Americas, Europe and Asia, plus Arb40 Subcommittee reports

Sovereign debt litigation

A Business Law International article on lessons from the NML v Argentina case and the road ahead

Guidelines on Conflicts of Interest

The updated 2014 guidelines for making decisions about appointments and disclosures

David Morley, Allen & Overy

The law firm’s senior partner on the delivery of legal services and globalisation

The consolidation dilemma

A Dispute Resolution International article on improving the rules for consolidating multi-contract disputes

Litigation Committee Update

Reforms and trends in litigation across international jurisdictions, reported by committee members

Asia’s arbitration explosion

Major arbitral venues are competing for the increasing disputes prompted by Asia economic growth

Toolkit for Award Writing

A guide for the young arbitration practitioner as they approach the drafting of their first awards

Cyril Shroff, AMSS

The managing partner shares his insights on new developments affecting legal services in India

Mediation Committee Update

Committee articles on jurisdictional developments and other legal issues facing mediation lawyers

Arbitrability – comparative study

A 2016 study on non-arbitrability as a defence to the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards

Corporate counsel and disputes

A Business Law International article on optimising dispute management for the modern age

Conflict or consensus

There are often better ways to settle financial disputes than the traditional courtroom battle

Consumer Litigation Update

Committee articles assessing international aspects of liability and consumer rights

Multi-tiered dispute resolution

Summaries of the current law regarding multi-tiered dispute resolution in a number of global jurisdictions

Negligence and Damages Update

Committee articles on developments relating to personal injury and litigation lawyers worldwide