Developing your international practice: law firm networks and alliances

WEBINAR: Developing your international practice: Law firm networks and alliances - the force of the Jedi, or selling out to the Dark Side?
6 February 2018
What does a legal network or alliance mean?
Does it mean swearing allegiance to Darth Vader?
Can we really provide a one-stop service across the globe, enhancing our credibility and defending our client-base, attracting more clients and referrals?
Our panel of experts will discuss the growing importance of law firm networks and alliances, considering their tangible and intangible benefits, as well as issues arising, and will provide some insight (and tips) about what it really takes for a firm to establish an international persona.
Moray McLarenLexington Consultants, Madrid, Spain; Co-Outreach and Education Officer, Law Firm Management Committee 
Paul MarmorSherrards Solicitors LLP, London, England: Co-Outreach and Education Officer, Law Firm Management Committee
Alan KeepBowmans, Johannesburg, South Africa
James Neath Clutch, Morae Global, Houston, Texas, USA
James HickeyAlliott Group, Petersfield, United Kingdom
Hanim HamzahZICO, Singapore, South East Asia