Guest Policy

A guest (accompanying person) cannot be a member of the legal profession nor seek to use the Conference as a business networking opportunity.

Guests are not permitted access to working sessions, Conference refreshment breaks or Conference lunches. Checks are performed to ensure members of the legal profession, or business associates are not registered as guests. If this is the case, registration will be refused unless the guest registers as a full delegate for the Conference. Should a guest be seen attending working sessions, Conference refreshment breaks or lunches, an invoice for the full registration fee will be issued to the delegate for the guest’s participation at the Conference.

Only registered guests (i.e. those paying the guest fee) are eligible to participate in the social programme; and the number of guests per conference and per social event is limited.  Not every social event is available to guests; please see the Conference Programme for further information on eligibility.

Should you require further information please contact the Conference Department on