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  • Toyin Uko

    Former Mentee


    Toyin was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1991. He worked in a number of well known law firms in Nigeria before deciding to set up his own practice in 2010. His practice area is litigation (appellate, commercial and tax).

    He started working with his mentor, based in the US, with the objective of building a successful practice with an international presence. Toyin's mentor actively advised him on the launch of his firm in 2010. The advice and guidance that Toyin received from his mentor related to the design of his strategy to get and retain his first clients; the content and form of his website; and finding ways to grow in the recession. As well as working with him on achieving his learning objectives, Toyin's mentor advised him on the likely growth areas for the profession; sent him relevant articles; and encouraged him to join professional social networks, where Toyin has become very active.

    "I was a delegate of the first Nigerian Bar Association Trade Service Mission to the UK. Through the guidance of my mentor, I shone like a star which led me to having two substantial contacts in the UK," he says. They worked together by telephone, email and face-to-face Skype sessions. "As such, distance has not impacted our work in any way" Toyin says. Toyin plans to grow his practice significantly in the next year.

  • Ronaldo Veirano

    Past Chair, IBA Law Firm Management Committee

    In this video, partner Ronaldo Veirano talks about his experiences of mentoring. Access more resources

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    mentoringMentoring and Coaching for Lawyers - 2015

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    Consulting editor: Rebecca Normand-Hochman

Why join the Programme?

*Mentees under this Programme are able to receive guidance and acquire law firm management skills and knowledge through the help of their mentors.

*Mentors are able to use their expertise to help others build successful practices and give back to the legal community.

Former Law Firm Management Committee Chair, Stephen Denyer, explains the benefits of joining the programme.

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  • Fact sheets about the skills required as mentors or mentees
  • Checklists to help prepare for the mentoring sessions
  • Tips to manage the mentoring relationship
  • Interviews with mentoring experts
  • News and articles on mentoring
  • Newsletters with case studies, interviews and news about the programme
  • A mentoring forum
  • An annual mentoring event