Legal Policy & Research Unit - About Us

The International Bar Association’s Legal Policy & Research Unit (LPRU) undertakes research and develops and implements innovative strategies and initiatives that are relevant to business and the rule of law, the global legal profession and the broader global community.
The LPRU is comprised of four legal advisors and a projects coordinator. The lawyers have particular areas of expertise, including legal ethics and compliance, anti-corruption, social media, technology and the legal profession, business and human rights and judicial integrity.  This expertise continues to be developed through project based work, research, governance and publications, policy development and engagement with IBA member experts. This allows the LPRU to have a significant impact of a range of relevant initiatives and strategies.
The LPRU engages with IBA members, legal professionals, international organisations, bar associations and governments to develop and consolidate the global network through which it can conduct its work to ensure the most efficient outcome. The LPRU utilises this network to develop an understanding of issues that are relevant to the legal profession across the globe.  

The Team

Director, Legal Policy & Research Unit

Senior Legal Advisor

Senior Legal Advisor

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