News analysis 2011

Legal, business and human rights news and analysis from the IBA - 2011:

International Criminal Court: the next chief prosecutor?

Saif Gaddafi trial: international or Libyan law?

China enforces competition law against state-owned enterprises

Bahrain regime won't reform, say protesters

Eurozone crisis and MENA's future

Korean competition authority leads attack on pay-for-delay settlements in Asia

Hong Kong residency case must not lead to erosion of the rule of law

Top UK law firms react to first Alternative Business Structure flotation

Libyans must investigate Gaddafi death

Tymoshenko sentence highlights flawed Ukrainian judicial system

OECD Legal Director talks financial crisis and corruption

Patently ridiculous - Leahy-Smith America Invents Act

Time catches up with Gaddafi

Eurozone crisis: reform fatigue a key says EBRD chief counsel

Sovereign states get absolute immunity in Hong Kong

Siemens GC Peter Solmssen on governance, corruption and democracy

Syrian regime will be forced to reform

Justice in doubt in Egypt

Venezuela moving towards 'autocratic regime' says top lawyer

Tokyo Electric: the true meaning of too big to fail

Firms and corporates partner for pro bono

Indian competition authority defends 210-day timeframe for merger review

China: IP rights and wrongs

Mladic arrest: 'extraordinary advancement' for international justice

Portugal's bailout: first steps towards deep-rooted reform

New US whistleblowing ruling prompts heated debate

Middle East uprisings: Saudi Arabia flexes its muscles

Bin Laden killing: justice or revenge?

South Africa invited to form 'BRICS' Grouping

China's top court clarifies rules for private antitrust litigation

Earthquake one month on: Japan 'united' amid nuclear fears

Phone-hacking scandal prompts 'public interest debate'

Justice for Libya: local or 'international'?

Middle East unrest will create 'a new era for the world', say local lawyers

'Dictators and warlords do not belong in our time'

Middle East: Investing for the future

New dispute resolution law provides chance for change (Hong Kong)

Mark Stephens, Julian Assange's lawyer, speaks to the IBA


ECHR judgment on success fees prompts debate among City lawyers


Tunisia: protest and political unrest put rule of law centre stage


IBA profile: Norton Rose partner and Islamic finance specialist Farmida Bi


China expands Latin American oil reserves