News analysis 2013

Legal, business and human rights news and analysis from the IBA - 2013:

EC fines banks record sums for interest rate rigging

Uruguay legalises cannabis in effort to tackle criminal drugs trade

China’s internationalisation: M&A and law firm development highlight change

Singapore outlines ambitious plans for pre-eminence in dispute resolution

Access to justice: UK pushes ahead with legal aid cuts despite widespread criticism

Greenpeace in Russia: commercial pressures raising Arctic temperatures

Twitter takes advantage of new legislation for ‘confidential’ IPO

Capping bonuses won’t change banking culture

US legal profession is ‘down to the bare bones’, says ABA president

Human Rights Commissioner slams Magnitsky trial as Europe continues to moot law

Guantanamo's future: the insiders' view

Prosecution of human trafficking offences must be improved, say experts

Sri Lanka bans human rights delegates from major Commonwealth meeting

Bianca Jagger: accountability key to cutting human cost of climate change

US and world’s legal profession must address serious governance failings, says Paul Volcker

Khodorkovsky, ten years on

Investigator condemns ‘insurmountable obstacles’ to transparency in UN drone inquiry

US surveillance requires greater transparency, says former NSA legal chief

Calls for Turkish arbitration centre as region’s influence grows

US U-turn on drugs policy prompts calls for other global players to follow suit

Will Poland’s revised energy law pass the EU test?

Syria: Military intervention is illegal – but may be legitimate

First Europe-wide human rights guidance to be drafted for legal profession

The DOJ’s holding pattern: antitrust and US Airways

Immigration detention ‘one of the most pressing rule of law issues of our era’

Lawyers draft new global principles to protect digital identity

Egypt: leading lawyers fear end of democracy under military rule

Longer, sharper teeth for Hong Kong’s market regulators

Law firms to draw up first human rights policies by end of year

European Union: can Croatia practice the club’s rules?

International Criminal Justice Day 2013

Drones: US must explain legal interpretations and respond to allegations of civilian harm

Russia: Amid trial delays, report urges Europe to move forward on Magnitsky Act

Cyber surveillance: whistleblower Snowden's defence underway

Qatar travel bans create ‘degrading legal limbo’

G8 summit: ‘proper tax justice’ or ‘hot air’?

‘Sharp rise’ in Iranian Baha'i persecution must be stopped, lawyers say

Legal profession ‘under attack’ in Turkey

‘Historic’ UN Arms Trade Treaty may have limited impact, say experts

Beatrice Mtetwa: 'Conviction has been my biggest strength'

Glencore-Xstrata approval reveals China’s industrial policy concerns

Guatemala: historic Ríos Montt conviction overturned

Under fire over Associated Press records seizure, Obama proposes journalists’ shield law again

G8 calls for collective action on tax evasion, but avoidance remains

Italy: appointment of new Prime Minister Letta ends stasis but brings only short-term respite

Commonwealth’s reputation at risk if Sri Lanka assumes leadership

UK legal aid reforms will do little to change ‘claims culture’

Bailout or down and out? Portugal and Cyprus wrestle with EU rescue conditions

Military force inadequate to solve Mali’s governance crisis

Kenya: Africans conflicted over President Kenyatta's ICC trial

Qatar: hero or villain?

Lack of transparency in public inquiries ‘not compatible with modern expectations’

Microsoft fined €561m for failing to offer browser choice

Lord Woolf: UK legal aid cuts may cause ‘extreme’ psychological damage

London claims bonus cap does not fit

China: raise corruption early or face the consequences

Mali: successful and legal intervention, but questions remain

US Department of Justice prosecutes Standard & Poor's as tide turns against rating agencies

Russia: historic Magnitsky trial brings corruption and rule of law into focus

Watch this space: lawyers at the frontier of technology

UK considers opt-out of the European Arrest Warrant

US death penalty: Warren Hill case is latest to highlight broken system

US surveillance of cloud data cause for European concern

India: multinationals in the spotlight as officials get tough on tax

Italian elections: don't be distracted by Berlusconi's dazzle

US: defence industry joins battle over looming budget cuts

Feature: Judicious activism - US District Judge, Jed Rakoff (interview)

Feature: Global leaders: Luis Moreno Ocampo, former ICC Chief Prosecutor

Feature: Torture never again - Brazil

Investment arbitration claims could be ‘traded like derivatives’

Restorative justice has ‘fundamental part to play’ says UK minister - funding still unclear

Graphene patent wars heat up

Lance Armstrong's Oprah confession: the implications

The ironies of Iraq’s ‘Camp Liberty’

Targets would improve social mobility, says Law Society President

Barroso's euro optimism questioned, as UK Prime Minister promises in/out EU referendum

Wegelin closure signals sea change for Swiss banks

Law Society President: Lack of women at top an 'uncomfortable truth' for legal profession

Chavez inauguration absence causes constitutional uncertainty

Magic circle firms draw up first human rights policies

Security Council must sanction Libya over al-Senussi trial, says top barrister

International law 'not equipped' to deal with drone attacks

‘All abuse needs silence’: UK whistleblowers say laws must change