News analysis 2014

Legal, business and human rights news and analysis from the IBA - 2014:

Lima climate talks: common purpose builds as parties meet to draft a new agreement

Internet surveillance: Twitter challenges US government over information requests

Climate justice: UN special envoy Mary Robinson on the urgent need for action

Climate justice: President Mohamed Nasheed on the plight of the Maldives

Philippines–China dispute tests influence of institutions on great powers

EU trading scheme could be ‘game-changer’ for illegal logging

BP found grossly negligent over Deepwater

Bassiouni: New Arab Court for Human Rights is fake ‘Potemkin' tribunal

Immigration: victims of trafficking can assert rights

Renewed focus on legality of ransom payments in wake of Islamic State brutality

France’s warship volte-face raises legal questions

Ebola outbreak: informed consent must be central to experimental drug testing

Latin America: despite successes Pacific Alliance must overcome trading imbalances

Global environmental degradation: demand grows to end impunity

Russian tax crackdown welcome, but draft law flawed

Libya could be ‘at forefront of reform’ if security restored

BNP Paribas sanctions case highlights US power over international deals

Cambodia: Senior Khmer Rouge leaders sentenced to life imprisonment

Gaza conflict: Walking the line between peace and justice

Rising economic power strengthens international influence of China and HK law

Venezuela: economic crisis foments unrest making change inevitable

Malaysia Airlines victims deserve due process not rush to apportion blame

New Cambodian laws a setback for shaky court system

New era for law firm transparency as UK partners gain whistleblower protection

Global trade: the forward march of ‘mega-regional’ agreements

Right to be forgotten ruling sparks fresh debate over privacy and freedom of expression

India: landslide election heralds optimistic business climate

Energy dependency: Europe seeks alternatives to Russian oil and gas

JPMorgan Chase banker takes on UK Financial Conduct Authority

M&A focus: Pfizer’s abortive AstraZeneca bid sparks renewed debate

New international arbitration firm to take a more flexible approach

Asia-Pacific: dispute between Japan and China remains in the balance

Lack of centralised EU regulation ‘major headache’ for frackers

Syria: open letter to the UN on humanitarian aid

South Africa: Pistorius case not typical of ‘erratic’ justice system

Female Saudi lawyers pioneer ‘new era’ of women’s rights

Ukraine: clear breaches of international law in Crimea

Egypt: judiciary undermined by badly trained ex-police

Darfur: international community must not ignore ‘terrible’ atrocities

Banks urged to demonstrate value to society and to restore trust

Venezuela: protests heighten concern over rule of law

UN climate change talks: pressure is on to reach legally-binding, global agreement

Ukraine: rule of law under threat as crisis continues

Compelling evidence of gross atrocities by Egyptian military, say top lawyers

UN Rapporteur on Torture: ECtHR Saudi ruling is ‘dangerous set-back’

Russian amnesty law is no substitute for genuine legal reform

US judicial elections ‘shocking’ and in urgent need of reform

UK Information Commissioner: We need new legal framework for surveillance

Friend, client, confidant: George Bizos on 65 years of friendship with Nelson Mandela

India: women, violence and the law – a move to end impunity