News analysis 2017

Legal, business and human rights news and analysis from the IBA - 2017:


Mueller’s Russia investigation: the question of presidential pardons


Verdict sparks renewed criticism for Cambodian courts


Future of the legal profession: AI, blockchain and the rule of law


The refugee crisis: Desperation on the Greek islands - 'There are children everywhere'


Regulators anxious about the role of AI in global finance

Saudi Arabia

Saudi anti-corruption crackdown targets business tycoons

Russia USA flag

Mueller’s Russia investigation: an unexpected revolution on foreign lobbying

Zimbabwe flag

Zimbabwe: Daring to hope for democracy


The voice of the next generation - the imperative of change in Israel and Palestine

Robert Mueller

US Presidency: The special counsel stand-off


Brexit: financial services businesses prepare for 'most disruptive cliff-edge scenario'

Myanmar: army’s abuses continue despite UN’s tough stance and spotlight on Aung San Suu Kyi

US travel ban: Supreme Court drops cases amid new challenges

Turbulent year tests International Criminal Court’s credibility

Philippine lawyers at risk in President Duterte’s ‘war on drugs’

Dozens held in Saudi mass arrests as young prince consolidates power

Debt concerns prompt greater scrutiny of China’s entrepreneurs

Supreme Court

Corporate accountability: US Supreme Court set to clarify alien tort statute

Supreme Court

Former US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates on President Trump, North Korea and Kim Jong-un

Supreme Court

CJEU rules against challenge to European quota system for refugees

Robert Mueller

US Presidency: Mueller subpoenas refocus attention on Russia investigation

Washington climate march

US withdrawal from Paris Agreement sparks debate over legal ramifications

China shipping vessel

Chinese investment: Belt and Road strategy signals global expansion


UK crackdown on global financial crime puts onus on companies

Sanaa, Yemen

Yemen: ‘Relentless violations’ of international humanitarian law continue as famine looms


North Korea: nuclear threat and human rights present urgent challenge


Presidential Pardons: Caution required when apologizing for historic injustices

Egypt map

‘Perfect storm’ of refugees and instability engulfing the Middle East

US flag

New lawsuits allege President accepted foreign benefits through business empire

Robert Mueller

Next steps for Russiagate after Comey sacking and Mueller appointment

EU flag

Rule of law in Europe: Poland rejects EC’s allegations of breaches

White House

Focus on America: The fraught question of how best to prosecute Russiagate

French National Assembly

Corporate responsibility: ‘Vigilant’ French law puts duty of care on companies


Trump's new travel ban further tests image and rule of law

Westminster Bridge

Terrorism and the law: Tech companies central to government response to Westminster attack


Venezuela: Currency crisis brings economy to standstill

UN flag

Myanmar: UN Human Rights Council votes on abuses inquiry

US Supreme Court

Dispute settlement after Brexit: a legal void?

US Supreme Court

Trump draft budget proposes huge funding cut for civil legal aid

White House

Trump brings seven years of TPP negotiations to an abrupt halt


US presidency: undermining ‘hallmark’ of democracy with attacks on judiciary

John Yoo

Lessons for Trump on executive power - from an unlikely source

White House

American presidency: Trump’s treaty undoing project


Brexit: the court, the controversy and the constitution

Washington women's march Jan 2017 - Shutterstock/BakDC

Trump presidency: many ‘fear rights won over years are in jeopardy’

Ko Ni

Legal advisor to Aung San Suu Kyi and Myanmar government shot dead

Donald Trump

American presidency: Trump’s win confuses a jittery Middle East

Warsaw march

Moves to restrict abortion law trigger global concern